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Danielle Ayoka is a certified Reiki Master Teacher, who is also trained in over 10 different alternative healing modalities. At a young age, Danielle had a near death experience at 3 years old, which served as her rite of passage into Shamanism. Coming from a rich lineage of Indigenous Shaman and Medicine Women, Danielle’s spiritual gifts began to blossom. Danielle began her tutelage with her personal healer in 2011, after beginning her own healing journey. After 3 years of intensive training, Danielle began to expand her abilities by creating a unique method of healing that combined her training along with her knowledge of energy, physics and psychology. After going to undergrad for Psychology, Danielle decided she wanted to go beyond the mundane limitations of the traditional theraputic methods of healing and started her professional career.

Offering services which include rituals, intuitive guidance, remote healing and astrology, Danielle has developed a grounded approach to total healing for the everyday struggles we face and experience in our lives. With clients world-wide, Danielle has helped subscribers in Argentina, Toronto, New York, Los Angeles, Japan, China, India, Australia, South Africa, West Africa, London, Korea, New Zealand, Spain and many more.  Combining science, alternative healing, developmental psychology and statistical research on the impactful physiological effects that emotions and trauma have on our overall health and well-being, Danielle offers a unique approach to healing the mind body and soul .

The international millennial astrologer and intuitive energy healer you never knew you needed.


Danielle keeps it all the way real about the signs in accurate and informative threads.


She’s got a brilliant gift for calling out the nonsense of any sun sign in need of real truths.

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