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August Tarotscope

Author- Jessica @heretoheal101

Aries- 5 Of Swords


This month is about deep reflection for you guys. You are going to need to be extremely self aware in realizing what battles are worth fighting for. Some of you guys may be walking away from the past, you may be feeling more argumentative than usual. I see a lot of deep inner child healing coming up. Have you been angry recently but nothing is really going on? This is resentment bubbling up to the surface which may have been starting in July, but now is asking to be dealt with in August. You guys are shedding this month. Some of you may want to get revenge, feeling quite forceful with something or someone. You may notice there are more conflicts around you, or within you. Are you fighting yourself on something? There is a ton of resistance here. Make sure you aren’t holding onto anger, but rather channeling it. Your immature side may want to come out and play this month. I see you guys feeling testy, wanting to test others and see how far you can push them. Be careful though, because some people may not have the patience to deal with that. I keep hearing you have to stop running. Some of you guys are running from your emotions, it’s causing you to act in a childish manner as if nothing bothers you….but actually, you’re quite bothered. Definitely some tension brewing, so make sure to take whatever is happening seriously, but don’t let it overwhelm you. You may get into an argument with someone, and it could very well be heated and while you are able to get what you need off your chest the deliver from either them or you may not be very well received, be careful when it comes to what you say and how you say it. It holds a lot of power, and you don’t want to ruin a friendship or relationship that’s important to you because of a mis-understanding. You guys have to let the past go. Some old ghosts that have been haunting you will be making their way into your life, whether it’s a person, a pattern, a habit you broke. Handle with care. Everything may feel like a competition this month to you. Make sure you’re having fun and not taking yourself so seriously. I feel like you guys want to one up someone. This is also a good sign that you may be getting an apology. If someone has done you dirty or there’s been a ton of conflict it’s coming to an end. You may also be the one apologizing. If you can set your pride aside this month it’s going to be an extremely healing month both mentally and emotionally. Lot’s of clearing out old cycles, so you can make room for the new. Striving to find a middle ground, not everyone is going to get their way, but realizing that’s okay. If something doesn’t work out exactly as you planned, it’s fine! I see you guys wallowing in a loss of some sort, but if dealt with properly the learning lessons will be amazing! There are many valuable lessons coming to you this month but you must be open to them. Your ego may not want to deal with some of the feelings that are uncomfortable but that is the only way you will be able to grow. You guys will be maturing a lot. Forgiveness will definitely be on the table. Either you or another will be coming forth with an apology. You are learning that it’s okay to be wrong. Set the pride aside, and move forward. Accepting that you don’t always need to see eye to eye with the people around you, and knowing that, that’s okay! Refrain from being petty and intentionally starting drama, because it will back fire. You’re being asked to take the high road, and you’ll want to because it’s the path of least resistance.
Taurus- 8 Of Swords
Feeling overwhelmed but it’s really not that bad. A lot realizations about how in control of yourself and life you are. This month is all about healing, taking care of yourself and being gentle with yourself and thoughts. This card can bring about anxiety, feeling alone, and not seeing something or someone clearly. It’s as though you feel there is no way out, but there is. You guys will be tapped into your emotions, and that’s pretty much all you’ll be tapped into. Since you will be so tapped into your emotions it may be a bit overwhelming, especially if those emotions are unsettling and bringing up fears. Your main focus will need to be on getting out of your own head. Spend time with friends, keep busy, allow the anxiety and other uncomfortable feelings to rise to the surface but also understand that those feelings are there to help you. Walking a fine line between dealing with, and not becoming consumed. It’s as though you feel life is not in your control, and nothing will make it better. Focusing on remaining present and being in the moment will help you greatly. I could see something you thought you dealt with coming back. You guys may feel pulled to spend more alone time with yourself, and that’s fine, healing alone is necessary but make sure you aren’t isolating yourself. You have some really solid people in your corner who want to see you happy. You guys will be in your feels for the majority of this month but it’s good! Heart chakra opening. You guys are going through this massive shift, purging out old emotions and beliefs, and it feels…heavy. By the end of this month you will have come out the other side and feel so much better. Be open to answers, be open to solutions. They are there. If you are bound to someone or something this is the month to let it go!!! There is absolutely no room for things and people that aren’t aligned with you. You are being guided to release the tension and worry. Your perspective is everything. Make a conscious effort to focus on the positive, on what is working. You may be feeling sad about something and you may or may not know what the root of it is, but it’s important for you to understand you’re fully in control of everything that is coming up. This month is not as dramatic or dreary as your mind will make it seem. A shift in your mind will literally change everything. Remaining open minded will help you in manifesting the answers you are seeking. A calm mind and an open heart. When you feel the heavier emotions kick in, know that you are being asked to look deeper into something. The more heavier emotions are your guide to releasing. Get out of your head and tap into that intuition. Your strong discernment and naturally earthy energy will help you with this. I’m being shown that the more you have fun with this energy, the easier it will be to work through. Having a sense of humor with feeling stuck, and feeling down and out will help you in moving forward. Your intuition is strong, trust that you are being guided in the right direction. Moving forward with blind faith, but it’s good because you’re moving out of your comfort zone. You will be feeling so free and proud of yourself by the end of this month. I see you guys laughing because of how stuck you thought you were. I also see you guys pulling yourself back in when your mind overwhelms you. Nothing to worry about, truly. Tap into the inner power. You are so strong! You are a warrior! Now is not the time to see yourself as powerless, you are so powerful!
Gemini: 3 Of Cups
This is a month of celebrations for you! Going out with your friends on the town, bonding and connecting with those you love, there is a light hearted energy attached to you guys this month. Abundance, good times, celebration, and creativity will be heightened. I see you guys understanding just how hard you have worked, and you’re celebrating. If any sign knows how to have a good time it’s you guys. I see new connections forming for you. New friends moving into your life who you will adore and cherish. Forget going to the party, you ARE the party. You are entering this month with the mindset of feeling light and carefree. You may be networking, building, or coming together with like minded people to build something beautiful and strong. You have support and love from those close to you and it feels really good. The love is truly shining all around you. When things go wrong I see you moving on with ease. You are in the moment, nothing is steering you or your happiness off course. You will be appreciating just how strong the bonds you are making are. Feeling extra thankful for your friends. Cheering each other on, celebrating in each other successes. Pure joy and love all around. Go out, have fun and dance the night away. Everyday brings with it a new adventure. I see you guys being real busy but loving it. You feel festive and want to make sure those around you feel good! You feel happy and want others to feel that same level of happiness. Good food, good drinks and good company. Making new connections left and right. You may be going to a birthday or a celebration, someone may be getting married or having a baby shower. Everyone is coming together and having a great time. No worries, no cares. Lots of creative energy. A great month to start a new art project, tap into that sacral and solar plexus energy. Everything is balanced. Your interactions are playful, I see you guys feeling like a little kid. You may feel extra connected to dance. Getting your body moving and flowing. Wake up and start your day off with dance and see the kind of difference it makes. Break on out of your shell! Put yourself out there! You have the confidence and charm to win over anyone. Your efforts and talents will be applauded and seen by many. There is a sense of knowing who you are, no questioning, just focusing on feeling good and no stress. Feeling thankful for the positive people and situations you are manifesting into your life. I feel like you guys can breathe easier. Where you once felt held back, you are now being shot forward in a very positive direction. You’ve been taking a lot seriously and august is your breath of relief. Bonds are deepening and the mood is light. I keep hearing you’re ready. So whatever you’ve been stressing about, you’re good. You’re ready for this lovely fresh energy to enter your life. Focusing on the abundance, the love and the magic that is growing around and within you. You guys are free to move forward and heal. You are feeling excited about what is to come. You are unbothered and unburdened from the things regarding your past. This is the month of appreciating, and living in a natural state of abundance. I keep hearing growth, a lot of you guys have gone through some major growth these past few months, and this is the month where you are finally able to let loose. Feeling understood and loved by those around you and vice versa. You are basking in the sunshine and giving thanks for how far you have come. You are only focused on the good. Life is your party, you’re alive and for you that is enough reason to celebrate. There is a lightness in your heart and it shows.
Cancer- The Hanged Man Reversed
You’re not as stuck as you think you are. Where things once felt stuck or stagnant they are now shifting and moving into place. The ideas are flowing in. This month it’s important for you guys to do one thing at a time. Stay organized, watch your thoughts as you guys will have some deep revelations and insights about things. You may be facing some indecision or confusion, feeling uncertain about things. Don’t beat yourself up over things not working out. A lot of things will be coming to light for you. This isn’t the month to make any big decisions until you are sure about what it is you really want and need. There may be some delays and unsureness when it comes to where you are going. Your thoughts may get the best of you and are making you feel as if no real progress is being made, when in fact all you need to do is slow down, and ground yourself. It is then you will be able to see the progress that is being made. A shift in perspective is changing everything for you guys. When you see that the universe is helping you instead of holding you back you will realize just how much everything is falling into place, even if it doesn’t look like that. I see you guys getting a bit lost in your daydreams so make sure to keep yourself grounded. If something isn’t working out, that doesn’t mean you have failed, it means something better is on the way. You may want to keep busy. It may be easier for you guys to get caught up in stress, or feel stressed, and you’re being guided to slow down, stop what you’re doing and come back to yourself. This is a great month for reflection, to see where you can improve, to see what needs to be changed but if you aren’t giving yourself that space to slow down eventually you’re going to feel warn out and exhausted. It’s important you are watching how much energy you are exerting, and that your mind isn’t making things worse than they are. The best thing you can do this month is surrender. Some things are just out of our hand, and we have to make the best of it. If something isn’t working try a new way of doing it, try a new way of seeing something. All of the answers are right there in front of you, you do not have to search too deeply. You may also start to notice that just as much as things have felt stuck, things are now actually picking up and moving along quite well. There is room here for a shift to happen, for a breakthrough to occur. The more you let yourself go with the flow, the easier everything will be. Where you once thought no progress was going to be made is now a big success. Blockages may be removing themselves and the opportunity to move forward will be available. This can and will be a very chill month, you just have to get a grip on your perspective. The more you try to rush something this month the more frustrated you will get. Some of you may feel called to just go for it, if that’s the case then do it! By the end of this month whatever you were confused about will be something you now have answers to. Make the most out of not knowing, if you find yourself stressed and feeling uncomfortable, know that you can make the change internally so that the shift can occur externally. You know that the timing will never be exactly right for anything, so go out and make that first move. Let the universe know that you are ready for the greatness to come! This is a very intuitive month for you, so make sure you’re paying attention to your intuition. A lot of you guys are making peace with something. I see you guys releasing, and it’s something that has been on your mind for quite some time, but instead of fighting it or overthinking it, you’re getting to the root of whatever has been bothering you and healing. A month of shifting when it comes to how you view things. Embrace the confusion that comes up and allow yourself to know that not everything is going to make sense. When you surrender is when you see progression. Don’t cling to what was because the new is waiting for you.
Leo- Queen Of Swords
This month you are mentally sharp, not afraid to speak your mind, and are in search of the truth. Your communication is great and you are highly persuasive. You have discernment like no other and can easily see through any and all problems and work through them using your sharp mental skills. You live no room for mis-communication and are making sure your words have meaning. You may be giving great advice, feeling more mentally clear, or you’re learning to set even clearer and stronger boundaries. You are independent in your thinking and you understand the importance in that. Because you are so strong in who you are and what you want, that leads into how well you are expressing yourself. Not dealing so much with emotions, you are using your judgement to let you get a feel for things and people. You cannot be fooled. You may notice you come across some really interesting and informative conversations as well. You have a sharp wit and a sharp tongue. You know what to say in order to get what it is you need. You are direct in your communication and it’s helping to take you places very fast. I see you guys being easily understood by others. There is not a whole lot of effort that needs to be exerted when it comes to expressing yourself. If there has been any mental fogginess you can expect for that to fall away and quite effortlessly too. You are open minded and very understanding but you make it very clear, even in just your presence that, that is not to be taken advantage of. Emotions will not be your first instinct, but they also will not be something you aren’t tapped into. You’re more focused on the rational side of things and it’s easier for you guys this month to tap into that part of you, rather than the emotional side. You guys will be good at weeding out the unnecessary. If someone isn’t making sense or acting irrationally it will be very easy for you to pinpoint the reasoning for that. You guys are unapologetically calling the shots. You will most likely be the lead in conversations. Others can’t help but want to hear what you have to say. You are trusted with your advice because people know they are going to get the truth from you. No beating around the bush for you. You give it to people straight and they respect you for that. Your focus is sharp and your thoughts are helping you to transcend any heaviness or negativity. You are quick to put people in their place if they act out. No matter what is going on around you, you and your thoughts are calm cool and clear. I don’t see much bothering you guys this month. You have a lot of patience, and your clear communication skills are helping you when it comes to dealing with any foolishness. I also see a lot of you guys moving forward. Where your thoughts were once unsettled or unsure you are now clear and sure. Confidence will also be heightened. When you are sure of yourself, everything just naturally falls into place. You may be a bit intimidating to some, but when they warm up to you, they understand it’s just your strong demeanor. You have a quick and strong wit to you. Cutting through any illusion, there is absolutely no room for any grey areas. Others may be admiring your mental strength. The way you think and view the world is changing. It is becoming clearer and brighter. Where there may have been questions or doubts, you are now certain about those things. You live your life and embody the energy of assuredness. You may also be helping people out of their feels. Guiding and directing others to a more logical and beneficial outcome. It’s easy for you to decipher the truth. You understand that sometimes emotions can cloud judgment, and so you’re helping others or even yourself work through that in a way that is both logical and analytical.
 Virgo- The Sun
Ah! A breath of fresh air. This month the sun is shining on you. Carefree, your sense of faith is DEFINITELY restored and you’re feeling all of the heavenly vibes. You are so at peace with who you are and where you’re going. You are healing or just more connected to your inner child. Embracing life as a child would. Full of wonder, letting yourself be surprised. If there has been any lingering energy of pessimism you can expect for that energy to be gone. You are open to the blessings and miracles that surround you. You know that you are worthy of the good things that are both in your reality right now, and the blessings that are to come. I keep hearing safe, you guys feel safe and secure. You can so easily express yourself and you feel safe doing that. Expect for your creativity to be overflowing. You guys will be glowing this month. Feeling sheer joy, and enthusiasm. Making the best out of everything that is happening to you both good and bad. This month is really focused on success for you. It’s extremely easy for you to accomplish your goals because of how easy going your energy is. EVERYTHING is flowing and going according to plan. I just see this big sigh of relief. You have been re-born, emerging from any stress and calling in all the fun and excitement. You feel excited about being vulnerable. This may be new territory for you guys but it’s super healing and is bringing in a really beautiful new perspective. Baring your emotions out in the open and doing so confidently. No matter what you’re doing or where you are, other people will be highly captivated by you. Your smile and aura is shining bright for all to see. Things are doing a complete 180, where you thought something would never happen or occur, they are! Your confidence and passion for life will be seen and admired. I feel as though your sheer hope in things, in yourself, and trusting in that everything will work out has brought you here. You guys are feeling so proud of yourself. You will have this desire to want to express yourself and your thoughts. Whether through communication, art, dance, something creative. The more you are able to express yourself the happier you are going to be. This month you are free. It’s as though any and all burdens do not exist. This whole month just feels good, it feels right. Literally everything is falling into place for you guys. Others find you warm, inviting and charming. The sun brings the message that if you have been going through anything difficult you can rest assured it’s passing. Your imagination is running free, and there are parts of you that are being healed that have been needing to be healed for quite some time. It’s natural for you to look on the bright side of things. Your energy is aligned with all good things. You know that you deserve to feel this happiness. You aren’t holding onto too much either. Just like a child, you’re just letting it go. You won’t stay stuck on something if it isn’t bringing you joy. You are presenting your most authentic self to the world and the people love it! Life is your stage this month and you are putting on a phenomenal show. The blessings are truly just pouring in. Feeling so grateful for this energy. Your energy levels will be high as well. You have a ton of energy to get things done. I also see you guys really allowing yourself to view your accomplishments. You’re really letting yourself be proud of how far you have come. Life is one big adventure. You are connected to the child within, to the part of you that is innocent. You are confident in yourself, and where you are headed. Your best self is being illuminated. All eyes on you! You feel proud of the hard work that you put in to get to this point. The universe is on your side. You’re starting over. Feeling alive and fresh. You learned to dance in the rain and now the universe is giving you those blessings for remaining so strong and hopeful. You are the center of attention and it feels good. Let yourself shine! Let your beauty and wonderful energy be admired. Solar plexus chakra healing. Feeling good, and just going for it. It’s easy for you guys to live in the moment. Following your heart and doing what feels good. You feel refreshed and awakened. You’re  starting over. Energetically this is new territory for you, and it feels good. Letting your heart glow. You are in alignment with your true self, and it’s oh so easy for you to connect to that part of you. Unexpected blessings, divine offerings and feeling safe and secure. You are a joy and inspiration for others to be around. You don’t have to do anything but be yourself. Where you may have been shy or uncertain you are now open and ready to receive. The accomplishments you succeed in will be highlighted. Life is one big adventure and you are making the absolute most out of it this month.
Libra- 10 Of Swords Reversed
As one chapter ends, another begins. This month comes as a breath of fresh air. For a while you may have felt defeated, uncertain, and just tired. But this month is all about reclaiming your power. Something HAD to end in order for you to be welcomed with this new beginning. This is your month of recovering, resting, and slowly but surely picking yourself up from any stress or heavy energy that had been lingering around you. I see you guys were trying to resist something but once you finally surrendered everything just fell into place. Take care of yourself this month, and do not do too much. Don’t over exert yourself. Know your limits. There may be something that is ending, whether it’s internal or external, and the best thing you can do is welcome this change into your life. The more you resist the uncomfortable the harder it will be to move forward. Some of you may be mentally exhausted, it’s as though the overthinking hasn’t stopped. But you’re being guided to understand that what you’re overthinking about has already been resolved. Are you living in the past? There is a whole bunch of forgiveness happening here. You guys will also be working on the relationship with yourself. How much do you trust yourself, how vulnerable are you with yourself? You will see this dynamic shifting and changing for the better. If there is something you have been avoiding, the universe says this is the month to confront it. You no longer wish to make something more difficult than it needs to be. This is a very chill month, I see a lot of you guys in your head. Figuring out your emotions and having a healthy outlet to express them. You are tending to some pretty fresh wounds, but in dealing with any hurt/getting to the root of something painful is allowing you to energetically open yourself up to a breath of fresh air. This month, make sure your pace is slow. This is your chance to release once and for all. Some really deep and beautiful healing is occurring. I see you guys laying an old version of yourself to rest. There is so much you have outgrown and you are really allowing yourself to see that. You understand that outgrowing something doesn’t mean that it’s bad, it means that you are ready for this new chapter. I keep hearing allow yourself to be surprised. Be patient with yourself as well. I feel there have been some bumps in the road and you need to be as gentle and patient with yourself as possible. You are breaking any chains that were keeping you in your past. There will be so many opportunities for you to move forward. You are starting a new journey. I see you guys making peace with some things dealing with your past. A lot of shifting is occurring but you are feeling stronger everyday. The light is certainly illuminating the dark, and any tough times are coming to a close. You are believing in yourself and your strength more and more. I see a lot of newness flooding in. As you take the weight of the past off your shoulders you are invited to a new day. I keep hearing the worst is over. You have healed and done so much, let this month be the time where you allow yourself to absorb and take in just how much you have healed. You are being remined this month that you never gave up. You kept continuing to go forward, and that the space you are entering is that of a healing, calm, and tranquil time. Sleep is going to be extremely important for you guys. Keep your mind focused on the clarity that is moving in. You understand that you could let yourself be defined by your past, OR you can define what the past meant to you. So much wisdom is to be gained during this time. I see your heart chakra opening and expanding. A new found sense of security. You are healing on a cellular level. This is a deep transformation and it didn’t always feel comfortable but you pushed through and now you are on the other side. I see you guys making peace with every part of your life. It is highly liberating. You have continued to choose better for yourself and the universe wants to reward you because of that. I keep hearing you have nothing to fear. Recuperate, take care of yourself, and tend to any old wounds or triggers that come up for you. You will come out the end of this month with a greater sense of self, and a deeper appreciation for your past. Your emotions are guiding your thoughts, allowing yourself to understand that your emotions don’t need to make sense will help you in healing that much further. You are willing and ready to begin a clean slate and so that is what the universe is giving you. Entering a new mindset, and starting over. The calm after the storm has arrived, you are being guided to embrace it fully.
Scorpio- 6 Of Cups Reversed
There will be plenty of opportunities this month to help you heal from the past, but you must be willing and open to those opportunities. The past may come back, either through a person, a situation, or just a way of being, I feel this will be some sort of test, and if you want better for yourself you will not allow yourself to fall into old habits. There may be some inner child healing going on. What you thought was healed is asking you to dig a little deeper. Your need to day dream and perhaps escape reality from time to time will be heightened, and I don’t think that’s a bad thing just make sure you know when to pull yourself back in. The past may be heavily on your mind and, and you are wishing to go back to a simpler time. Perhaps you’re not where you want to be with something and it’s leaving you to reminisce on the good times, but remember that you are in the here and now. I see you guys working through some sadness that has to do with your childhood, make sure you are being gentle with yourself, as some old wounds may re-surface. You may be called to do some inner child work, re-connect to the parts of your childhood that you are being asked to heal from. Slow and steady progress is being made in the healing department but it’s important to keep a broad perspective on what is occurring. what you are healing from did not happen overnight and you’re healing won’t either. Do things that enhance your playfulness. Bring out your silly side. Some of you guys may find yourselves being super uptight, loosen up! If you know that you need to let go of something from your past, the energy this month is encouraging you to do so. You are in a really lovely space of forgiveness. You have no room in your heart to hold on to any grudges, you are setting yourself free from anything that has caused you pain. A lot of confidence will be gained. You’re opening up to new energy as you make peace with your past. There will be lots of love, and lots of gifts being bestowed upon you, but it may be difficult for you to see that because you may be dis-connected to your inner child. Some of you guys may just be real tired from life, and it’s as though something has gotten you down. You are not as open as you would like to be. Go to the park, swim in the ocean, watch a funny show, do something that will make your inner child feel safe. I keep seeing security coming up. Some of you may be dealing with issues of security when it comes to your childhood. Maybe you didn’t feel emotionally secure, and this is coming up to the surface this month to be dealt with. Some of you may be tempted by your past and will go back. You may keep this under wraps from those closest you. Maybe you’re back with an ex, or have gone back into an old mindset. The best thing you can do this month is trust yourself enough to be open and honest with others. I see some trust issues also coming up. Incorporate mantras using trust into your routine. You will definitely feel cleansed both mind, body, and soul come the end of the month. Write a letter to your inner child, do a meditation, watch home videos. Do something healing for your younger self. I see you guys really enjoying painting or coloring. You may also be going back to the past to avoid something that is currently bothering you. Tend to your heart, release any pain, and most importantly know that you deserve to release the pain. You will leave this month feeling more connected to yourself and feeling proud of yourself for all of the healing that you have done. Some sub-conscious stuff may bubble up to the surface but so long as you embrace it, and don’t deny what you’re feeling everything will fall into place. You guys are taking the initiative to face anything you had been avoiding. I could also see you throwing caution to the wind. Being unapologetically you. Giving your inner child the space and room to breathe and to be free. I’m seeing you guys under water and this month is where you are finally letting yourself come up for air. Embrace your curiosity. What sparks your wonder, what brings you joy, embrace THAT this month.
Sagitarius- The Fool
August welcomes you with open arms to start that new journey, to live in the moment and put your best foot forward. You guys are embracing everything that the universe is giving you. There is no past, and you are unbothered about the future. There is this undying trust both with yourself and the universe that everything is already worked out. Life is fun, you guys won’t be attached to too much. I see some sort of offer coming in, and you guys just going for it. You have this innocence about you, it’s as though anything bad that has been occurring has literally melted away. The sun is shining on you and you are open to the good that is here. You have this newness about you, this ripeness. You are a free spirit and you cannot be contained. This is a really fun month for you guys and I see a lot going your way. So if you have been worried about whether something is going to work out or not, it will go in your favor. You have been  unburdened by something. Feeling daring, and free. The sky is your limit. It’s as though you don’t care what happens and not in a reckless way, you just have this deep understanding that life goes on, and if something didn’t pan out the way you wanted it to, you’re going to keep it moving. Even if you don’t have the full plan that isn’t going to stop you from making leaps and bounds. You understand just how precious and beautiful life is and you don’t want to hang on to stress, or emotions that aren’t going to serve you. Appreciating life, and the people you spend it with. You may be feeling a bit more adventurous and want to go out and explore, perhaps you will feel the need to plan a trip. Taking a leap of faith never felt so good. I see you guys smiling and being really happy. You understand the true meaning of being in the moment. Be curious and let your mind wander. Be bold and embrace this wonder like energy that is within you. Even if you don’t know what’s going to happen, you aren’t letting that stop you from having an amazing time. It’s as though you are completely starting over, you’re starting from scratch. Your soul has gotten a makeover, and you’re viewing life and yourself in a different light. If there were burdens or stress that were blocking your perspective they will be gone and you will be viewing life with brand new eyes. Take that leap of faith, no looking back and doing things with your whole heart involved. You don’t have to wait for the perfect time to do something, just go for it. There will never be a “right time” so go on out there and live your most exciting life. You are facing the sunshine, and soaking in all the blessings the universe is giving you. If you have been wondering whether to do something or not, this is your sign to just go for it! Try new things, put yourself out there, doing things for the fun of it. You can do anything you set your mind to. This month is a leap of faith. Blind faith in what is happening but having this inner knowing that all will work out for the best. You may be traveling, or feeling called to re-locate maybe moving or something important shifting is on your mind. There is definitely something changing. Confidently leaving the old behind and putting your best foot forward. Laughter and light heartedness. I see guys spending a lot of time with friends or family. The people who make you feel good. There is also a ton of confidence and independence that you are radiating. You’re not waiting around for the answers to come to you, you will go out there and find them yourself. You are unapologetically you. Making great progress when it comes to building the relationship with yourself. You are giving yourself room to be free and express yourself. You are getting out of your own way and living life on your terms. Feeling the magic all around you. Embracing the good times, and allowing what is to come, and flow into your life and what was to the past. Even if what you’re doing is a little out of your element you have this pull to just do it. Trusting the energy and the pull of your heart. You feel most secure when you have the room to be yourself and do as you please. I feel as though you guys won’t want to be committed to things, or locked into one way of doing something. The more wiggle room you have, the better. Be curious, this month is all about you wanting to be the student and the universe is your teacher. Excited about where this new journey is taking you. You view life as one big game. You understand that if you don’t like something you have the power to change it. Moving forward in a happy and joyful way. Making the most out of the memories you are making. I see you guys having no problem leaving behind what isn’t meant for you, and tapping into what is. No matter what is going on you are remaining in the moment. Creativity is high and you find it exciting embracing it. If you’ve been feeling stuck the fool is allowing you to loosen yourself up from any stress you have. A clear mind and an open heart. You will have a deep appreciation for your journey thus far, and an exciting outlook on where you are going.
Capricorn- Ace Of Pentacles
The time for stability is now! You guys are in the mindset of being financially responsible, you’re grounded and the money blessings are pouring in. An offer is coming your way. This is an offer of more stability, money, a new job, better health and growth. Your manifestation abilities have sky rocketed and you are tapped into your earthly energy. You are entering a new phase when it comes to finances. The stress is taken away and you can relax! Money doesn’t feel like work, it’s something that is very easily in your reality. You may be pulled to really tap into your manifestation abilities. Through mantras, or meditations. I see you guys being extremely secure and stable, both in who you are, and where you’re going. You have a good idea of what you want, where you want to go, and the work you are going to have to do in order to get there. This is a very calm month. I don’t see you guys worrying about much, in fact I see you guys feeling really proud of yourself for how far you have come. You have worked very hard for these financial rewards, and the universe says it’s your time to shine. I feel as though there will be so many surprises when it comes to how this money will flow to you. Abundance comes in all forms, like money, but also your relationships, in your feelings, just with life in general. You guys feel abundant in every way. Your root chakra is clear, your sense of who you are is clear, and you are moving forward into a new chapter effortlessly. You are building for your future and it’s paying off. I keep hearing rewards. You are going to be rewarded for all of the hard work you have been doing. This could be a promotion, an opportunity to make more money, or an unexpected financial windfall. You are sure of yourself and the universe is responding to that energy. Confident in your next steps, and your approach when it comes to the material world. You know how to make something out of nothing this month. Honoring the abundance that you are. You understand money on an energetic level. Prosperity is here and you are diving head first into it. This comes as a sigh of relief as an earth sign to know that your material world is taken care of and is bringing you the stability you have been needing. This is definitely time to start planning and believing in those long term dreams of yours. I keep hearing building a better future. You are building and focusing on the next stage of your life. Anything is possible at this time. There will be many opportunities to manifest your dreams and goals, both big and small. Happiness and contentment are the name of the game. You have a very solid energy to you, where the abundance the universe is giving you, comes easily and naturally. You may think something and the next day it’s in your reality. Your thoughts are super powerful at this time so make sure to really trust yourself and keep your thoughts as positive and strong as possible. You know that you aren’t lacking anything. You understand that as long as you trust that the universe is going to give you the best, it will only be able to give you the best. Things you once dreamed about are now your reality. I see you guys being so surprised with the way things have turned out, and in a good way. Everything feels…right. Where you are, what you’re doing. You have entered a new cycle where money, security, and your dreams and goals are all right in front of you, available and able to access with ease. Positive intentions lead to positive results. I feel as though you guys will be surprised by how much good you have manifested. A lot of surprises are in store for you. You will have some really good ideas that LEAD to making more money. Anything you want to make happen is possible, there is no limit to what you can accomplish. Believe in your abilities and everything else will fall into place. Something in you guys has activated and you’re truly living a beautiful month where everything just feels right. No matter the situation you are clear, calm, and level headed. Taking the initiative to make things happen. The universe has your back when it comes to expansion. Where do you want to see yourself by the end of this year? Where do you see yourself a year from now? All of these things will be coming up, and you will be excited! You deserve this peaceful and secure time. I see you guys walking through a door and it’s to paradise. You are in a gateway of abundance and you are soaking in each moment. Keep track of your ideas, of the thoughts you have especially if business or career related. This is a yes from the universe, the newness is here when it comes to manifestation and creating a new form of stability for yourself. Your life has now entered a time where you can flourish with ease, be open and let the best find you. A month of relaxation and letting the blessings roll in.
Aquarius- Wheel Of Fortune
Things are changing, and they are changing quickly. You will be tapped into the cycles, karma, and energy that your life is currently in. If things have felt stuck or stagnant you can rest assured August is when things pick up. Things are moving in the right direction and your good karma points are now able to be cashed in. Expect some really exciting rewards from the universe this month. YOU are in control of your destiny and YOU are understanding this on a deeper level. The change that occurs this month may be small in some ways and it may be big, but whatever is happening is definitely allowing for a lot of growth to occur as well. Your intuition is strong as well. You may be drawn to the mysteries of life, or uncovering things. You guys are holding some very powerful energy. Luck is on your side, and as long as you continue to make the right choices and don’t fall into temptation you will be just fine. This is a shift, a turning point, a sudden change of events that changes everything but in a good way. You may not even see this change coming, but once you do, you will be so excited. I feel as though things you have been wanting to happen for a long time are finally happening. Timing was really important in some way or another and the timing in your life right now is letting you know it’s perfect. This is the month to make that change, to clear out that karmic cycle. What goes around comes around, so make sure you are doing good. You always want to make sure you’re doing good, but this month, especially because your rewards, or punishment will be heightened depending on if you want to listen to those intuitive hunches or not. Make sure you are choosing and doing better because the universe is paying extra attention. You may also receive some really exciting and life changing news. The ball is rolling and things are definitely in motion. If things have been rough, you can rest assured this month will be bringing in some positive energy. It’s easy to be in the moment. Things are unfolding very smoothly, and I see you guys being really organized. Even in the midst of all of this change, you will still be grounded. You are letting things happen naturally. It’s important to know that whatever energy you are putting out there will be amplified. If you want positive change invite that energy into your life. You will also be understanding just how in control of your life you are. I’m hearing taking back your power, this month is all about empowering yourself, and seeing how that changes your life. There may be things going on that alter your life forever, and in a good way. The wheel of fortune means business and the energy that this card holds is big. You are being called to be positive about whatever situation is happening, the universe has your back. Things may be picking up for you in a quick way. Perhaps a job, a move, or relationship shifts EVERYTHING. Your life will look very different once the end of this month rolls around. Follow the signs and messages that the universe is giving to you. If you need help with anything, just ask, the universe is open to giving you everything you need during this time of transition but you must be open to asking for it. You have to let go of any control and let life do its thing. You have to trust that everything that is happening is for the best. It won’t be too hard to see that though as what is unfolding is positive. You may feel a bit unsettled at times but that is only because of how fast all of this newness is coming into your life. It’s like a shock. You will be shown exactly how to go with the flow. Things are feeling right, and your innate trust within yourself is allowing for this process to be even smoother. Things you never thought would happen, are not coming into your reality and you’re feeling good. Your intuition is your guiding light. You are embodying the energy of being fearless. You are in unfamiliar territory, but it feels right. You know things are good for you by the way they feel, and everything that is happening to you feels good. I see any doubts or concerns you had about anything just melting away. The shifts are here, and they’re happening but you’re riding the wave and doing a beautiful job of doing so. You are a lot more ready than you think you are. The opportunity to spread your wings and fly is now. Do not cling to the past. It’s safe for you to venture outside of your comfort zone. The progression you have made will only continue to get better. So many surprises in store for you. Let yourself receive them! You are in control even when it feels like life is making you think otherwise. There is a gentleness that is also attached to you guys this month as well. It’s like diving in the deep end for the first time, you are a bit scared and anxious but once you’re in the water, everything feels good! That is the energy that this month holds for you. Feeling good about making bold moves. Once you allow yourself to initiate that change everything else comes together in a way like you never thought possible. Tap into the energy of courage. You may not be giving yourself the credit for how much you have gone through. Life feels easier. Life IS easier. The small yet impactful changes and shifts you allow to move into your life this month hold great meaning. Things are turning around, and in a way you may not have planned for but none the less in a really positive manner. I’m hearing weightless, you feel weightless and free. You have worked hard to get here so make sure you’re really allowing for this good, this positive change to really manifest into your life. You are now understanding that not everything has to make sense in order for you to move forward. Bliss and blessings are yours this month.
Pisces-  Two Of Wands
Travel, exploration, seeing the world as your oyster and viewing life as the fun and creative journey it is. You guys are REALLY focused on these plans that you have been thinking about. I see a lot of progress being made in terms of planning. Your mindset is expanding and you can see all the possibilities laid out in front of you. You may be interested in studying about different cultures, your heritage, branching out, appreciating all different walks of life. Wanting to try different foods, learn a new language, expand your horizons and palette. Your mind is on discovering. Wanting to know the how’s and why’s. A good book or documentary may really spark your interest. I feel as though you guys will be feeling bold and daring. Saying yes to this, and sure, i’ll try that. Getting out of your comfort zone. This is a month of planning and plotting. How are you gong to get from point a to b. Figuring out your next steps, and the easiest and quickest route to get there. You aren’t taking too big of risks though as you are still are in the planning and figuring out stage. You want to make sure you have a pretty good idea of the outcome should you choose to stick with one thing. You guys will have no problem with getting on out there though. Your perspective is broadening and if you were holding yourself back in anyway this month is letting you see where and how, so that you can adjust accordingly. There is a lot of wiggle room here and you guys aren’t boxing yourself into one thing. But things are definitely coming together. Your decision making skills will be sharpened. You are stepping out of what you know and into a time where you don’t know, but that is certainly not a bad thing. You are appreciating this new zest for life. You understand that doing new things, and stepping out of what you know is important for growth. You will see a new side to yourself, one you haven’t seen before. You will leave this month with more knowledge and a better understanding of who you are. You have put a lot of thought into your future and you are now ready to start taking the steps to achieve what is in your head. There may be some travel involved, thinking of going back to school, switching up careers. With a careful and gentle approach to your long term goals you will have no option but to succeed. I see that intuition being heighted and you knowing exactly what you need. Careful planning leads to success. No dream is too big so long as you are putting in the necessary effort to get there. Do you stick with what is comfortable for you, or do you move away from what is familiar and surprise yourself? Even if some of the progress you’re making is slow, know that it is paying off. Good things take time, and your ideas and progression to getting to your desired results are leading you to the reward. Allow the options to show you what it is you really want. You have so many, and you don’t have to box yourself into one thing. You naturally go with the flow, and this month will really be highlighting that. Invest in what feels right, trust your gut and heart to lead you to the right decisions. You can breathe easy knowing you will make the right choice. You will be viewing life with a different point of view. I see you guys appreciating and cherishing your journey. You have the passion and patience to achieve your goals, you just have to let the universe guide you. The end goal is weighing heavy on your mind, and you want to make sure that you will be successful as you leave what you know and go into what you don’t. Risk definitely leads to a reward.  Your energy is high, but your focus is strong. With that combination you will be able to succeed in anything that you set your mind to. Your knowledge that you have on a topic may come in handy. Someone may need your advice, you may be traveling to a new country, and because you know so much about where you’re going or what you’re being asked it’s leaving you with a new found confidence. Confidence is gained and your knowledge is appreciated. When you step outside of your comfort zone. You will be shown a new side to life. Feeling extra connected to the people around you in the world that is both within you and outside of you.You have the world in your hands. You may even feel connected to technology or feel connected to people through technology. There is an energy around you that is calm this month. While you are in the planning stage, and things are changing around you, you have this quiet confidence about you that lets the universe know that whatever path you were given you will be able to succeed.