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Weekly Aura Cleanse
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The Weekly Aura Cleanse has helped thousands of individuals and families return to their wholeness through supplemental energy work. The Aura Cleanse is designed to help remove the energetic stress of the week, every Sunday at 5pm EST. The process will begin to remove any “baggage” or build up in your aura that is contributing to stress, cluttered thoughts and anxiety. This is a supplemental service, so it will help balance your aura and strengthen your energy field which will assist you on your path to deeper healing. Danielle Ayoka has created an effective method of healing the aura by remotely distributing a combination of reiki, quantum matrix healing and her unique healing system to each recipient. The Aura Cleanse is an automatically recurring monthly subscription which can be for an individual or a group of up tp 10 people. 


The Importance of a Healthy Aura

Our aura shows the state of our mental, physical and emotional health. Before any illness manifests in the body, it shows up in the aura first. Having a strong aura help us be less susceptible to absorbing harmful and negative energy in our environment, and from other people. Oftentimes, trauma creates rips and tears in our aura. Lack of self care and illness can also cause our aura to become stretched out and larger than it should be. This damage can cause us to “leak” energy and be too open to the world around us. This effects our vitality, health and lifespan.  Creating and maintaining a healthy aura can help alleviate significant stress on any conditions we have that are able to be treated, along with us feeling more focused, clear headed, motivated, physically stronger and healthier.  Japanese scientist have proved the aura exists, and it is essential that we keep our energy in a healthy place. 

How do I sign up?

For individuals, the cleanse is only 2.99 every month for you to receive the aura cleanse every week on Sunday at 5pm EST. There’s also a friends and family cleanse that is 6.99 per month for up to 10 people. 

Click Photo Below to sign up for the individual cleanse:


Family and Friends Instructions:

  1. If a family member is over the age of 13, it is imperative that you let them know that they’re signed up for the cleanse. As we get older, things “build up” in our systems and removing the build up can be initially jarring, especially if we’ve developed unhealthy coping mechanisms. It is the most safe option to make sure others are aware that they’re clearing energy so that they don’t have any irrational and potentially harmful responses to themselves and others when the cleanse integrates and begins to process. 
  2. In order for your friends and family to receive the aura cleanse after purchasing the group subscription, get an unused piece of paper and title it, “Weekly Aura Cleanse Recipients”. After that, write the names of those you want to receive the cleanse including yourself.  This ancient method of divination will help direct your intention towards the people on the list in a way that is very effective. 
  3. The aura cleanse works well on children and infants but it is always suggested that you see how a child responds to the aura cleanse initially to make sure the energy movement caused by the cleanse isn’t overwhelming. All children are different and may need to begin energy work at different ages. 
  4. If a child under 10 or an elder over 55 has a cold and is a recipient of the aura cleanse, please email me so that they can skip that weeks cleanse. This will ensure that their energy will be used to strengthen their immune system opposed to them processing the aura cleanse. 

Click on photo to sign up for the Family and Friends below: