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Moon Magic 101
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The moon speaks to us through the light shown in the night and through the rhythm of the tides of the ocean.


The Moon has 8 phases, each one with its own compelling magical energy. Within the 29 days of the moon cycle here’s a break down of each phase and what it means:

  1. New Moon– In the New Moon Phase, the sun and moon are physically very close to each other. In astrology, the sun and moon are in the same zodiac sign and conjunct. When using ritual magic, the  New Moon is a time for growth, manifestation and new beginnings. It is the beginning of a new chapter. It is one of the most potent energies of the moon cycle, so intentions can easily flourish under this phase. You can utilize the New Moon energy 3 days before and after the day of the actual New Moon.
  2. Waxing Crescent-  Since we began a new chapter in the New Moon phase, the Waxing Crescent is the time to look at ways you need to change internally in order for your New Moon intentions to ground into reality. Rituals for self improvement are favored at this time along with any other areas concern “growing” or evolving i.e repairing relationships, changing whats necessary within us to get to the “next stage” in a project, goal or business opportunity. Orange, Red and yellow candles would work well at this time regarding candle magic.
  3. First Quarter- The First Quarter moon is all about attracting what you want into your reality. This phase is favorable for money drawing spells, candle magic to attract new love, friendships, clientele, a new job or success. Good for protection spells, reinforcing protection magic or charging your protection crystals via burying them in soil. Green, Gold, Orange and Dark Pink candles are great for this period. 
  4. Waxing Gibbous- Waxing Gibbous is the final growth period before the Full Moon. This stage is good for tying up loose-ends when it comes to manifesting. Doing spellwork and candle magic associated with ensuring a positive ending or a positive outcome is supported under this moon phase. Helping a situation or intention gain momentum, doing magical work to overcome hurdles/delays  in situations it you’re waiting to see results in is also supported during this time. Make note that we believe in aligning all magic with your highest good and the highest good of all involved, so delays may be a sign that it’s not the time for specific things to manifest, or even for them to come to fruition at all. Tarot or intuitive guidance from a trusted practitioner can help you distinguish the reason for delay. Brown and Burgundy candles are favored for this period.
  5. Full Moon The tide is the highest at the full moon, which also shows the peak of lunar energy. From the beginning of the New Moon, things have built up to this point. The magical energy available to us is at its strongest for the Full Moon. This energy can be seen as an “all purpose” energy for magic, but there are a few areas I prefer to focus on. For rituals, the full moon is a powerful time to release or “banish” energies out of your life that are no longer serving you, especially any energies that conflict with the growth you’ve been experiencing thats in alignment with the most recent New Moon and New Moon intentions. You can also do chord cutting ceremonies and banishing spells. The full moon is also a great time for divination, protection magic, deep spiritual cleansing of your house, property and energy. Black, Red, White and Purple candles are particularly favored at this time. As with the New Moon, you can utilize the Full Moon energy 3 days before and after the day of the actual Full Moon.
  6. Waning Gibbous- The second half of the moon phases embodies the energy of releasing, as the moon begins to end it’s monthly cycle and prepare for the upcoming New Moon. The Waning Gibbous is the beginning of the decline of the current moon cycle so its a good time to cleanse your alter, ritual tools and look internally to see what you may need to actively release after doing your Full Moon intentions or chord cutting ceremony. This is also a good time to make sure you’ve released attachments to anything/anyone you’ve let go of during the Full Moon period. This is a time to gain internal closure via acceptance of releasing what’s now behind you. 
  7. Third Quarter– The Third Quarter moon is a time for self-reflection and clarity on anything else you need to release, work on, or transform in your life. This is a period where you can now learn and gain insight on things you released and accepted during the Full Moon and Waning Gibbous moon. Candle and Ceremonial Magic to fine tune your intuition via declutter your third-eye is favored. Blue, Purple, Light Blue and Silver candles are good for this period. 
  8. Balsamic Moon (Waning Crescent)– The Balsamic Moon is a powerful period for ending karmic cycles, karmic relationships and coming to terms with anything else you no longer need so that you can begin your new cycle of life with the upcoming New Moon. With the wisdom gained from there Third Quarter moon, we can allow the old parts of ourselves that supported any toxicity in our lives that we’ve been addressing to die. Black Candles, White Candles and Blue Candles are favored at this time. 


We all have an opportunity to change our lives, whether we do or not lies in the power of our intentions.