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Monthly Cleanse
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Final Chapter Cleanse

The New Year Glo Up cleanse is here!!!  2020 is the numerology 4 year which is all about securing the bag, creating stability and a strong foundation to build greatness on. We’re about make sure we’re in alignment with EVERYTHING 2020 can give us.
The New Year Glo Up Cleanse will be basically setting our energy in a space where we align with the best qualities that the number 4 year can create in us and attract into our life. This means bigger bags, bigger wins and more stability in every area of our lives.
We’ll be going into 2020 in control, inspired and confident that we CAN and WILL have the best that the year has to offer.

How does it work?

The New Year Glo Up Cleanse is remote energy work that consists of reiki and quantum healing method. The cleanse will integrate into your energy at the designated time and begin to process, If you’ve never done a monthly cleanse before, you can check out the FAQ here.


When will the Cleanse Happen?

Level Up Cleanse will happen on January 16th at 8pm your timezone.


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