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Monthly Cleanse
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Virgo Mental Cleanse

Virgo Mental Clarity Cleanse

We’ll be working on having a clear mind, removing habits that cause us to be “unhealthy” and helping us to be more mentally available to help us get our lives organized the way we want it to be.

This cleanse will help greatly anxiety, anxious thought patterns and ways we move into anxiety spaces and states of being. WE’RE TAKING UNBOTHERED TO THE NEXT LEVEL.

Last year this cleanse helped y’all remove fear from planning your goals out, removed procrastination and helped you guys feel centered and calm. We’ll be going EVEN DEEPER this year by making peace our constant state of being and mood.

If you have issues with anxiety, depression or overthinking this cleanse is a MUST.

How does it work?

TheVirgo Mental Clarity Cleanse is remote energy work. The cleanse will integrate into your energy at the designated time and begin to process, If you’ve never done a monthly cleanse before, you can check out the FAQ here.


When will the Cleanse Happen?

The Virgo Mental Clarity Cleanse up will happen on August 18th at 8pm your timezone.


Click on picture below to sign up: