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Monthly Cleanse
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Level Up Cleanse

The LEVEL UP CLEANSE is falling under the Aries full moon which is giving us the energy to be BOLD, BE A BOSS AND LEVEL UP. We are shedding ANYTHING that causes us to play small, settle for less and take whatever life gives us. WE ARE GOING TO THE NEXT LEVEL OF OUR BADDEST SELF.

The LEVEL UP CLEANSE is going to be removing any confusion and hesitation around our power, our confidence and our sense of self. We’ll also be removing any projections from others who have tried to dim our self authority, self esteem and our divine masculine energy.

We’re taking our power back from ANYTHING that’s caused us to hold back and play small. IT’S TIME.

How does it work?

The Level Up Cleanse is remote energy work that consists of reiki and quantum healing method. The cleanse will integrate into your energy at the designated time and begin to process, If you’ve never done a monthly cleanse before, you can check out the FAQ here.


When will the Cleanse Happen?

Level Up Cleanse will happen on October 13th at 8pm your timezone.


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