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Monthly Cleanse FAQ
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The Monthly Cleanses Have Changed Lives around the world…


Here’s a few common questions from cleanse participants world wide:

What should I do to prepare for the cleanse?

The best thing that you can do to prepare for the cleanse is to make sure you’re in a peaceful environment when the work is set to integrate. It is not a necessity, but is highly recommended because once you begin to move energy, you can become more sensitive to your environment and loud noises or a hectic environment may overstimulate you. You can be asleep during the cleanse (it will not effect the integration) but I do not recommend driving a vehicle or operating heavy machinery at the cleanse integration time, because tiredness can be an initial side effect of moving energy. The heightened sensitivity can last for 1-3 days, but will lessen as the days progress.

Can I drink or smoke during the cleanse?

When the cleanse initially integrates, I advise against smoking marijuana, doing recreational drugs or drinking alcohol. At minimum, 3 hours before and 3 hours after the cleanse is scheduled to begin is the time frame I suggest you refrain from smoking or drinking. Marijuana and recreational drugs often causes you to become ungrounded, which can have adverse effects when you begin to integrate the cleanse. Alcohol lowers your vibration, so this will make it more difficult for your vibration to raise as the cleanse initially begins to remove dense energy out of your aura.

Do I receive a package?

No, the cleanse is remote energy work, which is a service. You will not receive an email for the cleanse, as the description will entail all information needed, along with the FAQ.

What is remote energy work?

Remote energy work is a form of alternative healing where the practitioner sends frequencies, vibrations and intentions to the recipient of the energy work. Healing Practitioners are trained and given specific systems (ex: reiki, quantum healing, distance qi gong healing, crystal healing) which allows them to successfully alter the energetic makeup of their clients. Practitioners are trained to be able to identify where certain energies, emotions and trauma is stored in the human aura, which allows them to effectively treat their clients.

How do I know the cleanse is working?

The main way to know the cleanse is the results after the work has completely processed. This can take as little as 1-2 weeks up to one month. Look back on the goal of the cleanse via the cleanse description and look for any changes that have happened in the target areas of that cleanse.  The cleanse does affect everyone differently. At the onset of the cleanse integration, you may feel drowsy, more emotional than usual, moody, etc. or You might feel lighter, happier, more energetic, etc.  This is not the final results of the cleanse. These are all symptoms of you processing and moving energy. You can do further research on ascension symptoms to help you understand the new world of healing and what that means for you. It ‘s normal to experience headaches, energy moving in different parts of your body and vivid dreams. If you experience persistent headache or pain as the cleanse is processing, ask your Higher Self (through thought) to help you safely release any resistance and attachments to the energy that is trying to clear out.

What if I don’t feel anything during the cleanse?

It can be common to not feel anything during the cleanse. Once again, remember that the the symptoms are not the results. The results are not contingent on the symptoms you experience. Some people may be numb to energy work processing. This is very common if someone has experienced physical trauma in their childhood which can cause them to be “out of body” as a learned way of coping.  There’s also the possibility of being ungrounded if you’re “in your head” a lot. This can create slight disconnects from the body and created a decrease in sensitivity. A grounding stone such as obsidian or black tourmaline can help with this.

Can I participate in the cleanse if I’m pregnant?

Please email me if you’re pregnant or about to have a major surgery or any other health concerns before purchasing the cleanse.

Can I buy more than one cleanse for myself?

No, these cleanses are designed to work in the most optimal way for one person. If you buy more than one cleanse for yourself, it could be too much for you to handle safely. For this reason, I have created a modification in my cleanses to not integrate more than once for each individual.

Can I participate in the cleanse if I’m religious?

Energy Work is a neutral, non invasive practice. If you choose to participate in the cleanse, there will not be any rules that will require you to compromise your faith or religious traditions.

Do I need to be a certain zodiac for the monthly cleanse?

Any sign can participate in the cleanses. If we have a cleanse that corresponds with the ‘Taurus’ or ‘Leo’ New moon, that only means that the cleanse will be addressing themes that these signs represent. So, for example, Leo represents creativity, self love, the inner child and romance in astrology. When we do the popular “Leo Glo up Cleanse™”, we are focusing on areas such as our love life, self love and confidence, which every sign can benefit from.