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August Astro Forecast 

Written by: Amber Monet (@starstruckmuse)


Mars leaves watery Cancer and enters expressive Leo on July 1. Over the next six, we apply inspirational, creative, expansive and vigorous energy to any given pursuit available to us. Our self-assertion is motivated by an underlying need for recognition, approval, validation, and admiration.

We have a key event with the Total Solar Eclipse New Moon in Cancer on July 2. We have an opportunity to tap into and serve the needs of the inner psychological structures of our relationships with integrity and responsibility.

Venus leaves airy Gemini and enters intuitive Cancer on July 3. Our impulse to connect with others, establish partnerships, our underlying needs to nurture and understand the need for emotional security motivates intimacy. Venus is affected by more empathic sensitivity and ability to apply emotional intelligence in interactions with others. But also the ability to connect with others can be obstructed by this sort of narrow-minded way of being.

On July 7, curious Mercury stations retrograde in regal Leo until July 31. Mercury will be the first retrograde in Leo and then it will retrograde back into Cancer on July 19. We will confront issues and miscommunication around our childhood, children, family, creativity, and romance. We personally integrate and assimilate all of these new perceptions into the deeper soul and emotional levels of our being. Mercury then meets up with active Mars on July 8 and with this interaction we want to be mindful of aggressively imposing our thoughts on others aggressively and possibly not being open to other people’s ideas because of our personal sense of pride. Be mindful of the over-aggressive assertion of our thoughts in unbending headstrong ways.

Also on July 8, Venus in cancer squares off with Chiron in Aries exact on the same day that Chiron goes retrograde. We confront past hurt and wounding when we have the pain of suspicion and prejudice that comes with deciding that we’re not relating to certain people because we are aligned with our tribe to the exclusion of others. Affectionate Venus in cancer may only extend understanding to those it deems part of the family but the exchange with Uranus invites us to do things differently and to relate differently. We have the opportunity here to break the pattern of connecting with each other, which results in more healing.

We have the Sun opposing heavy Saturn in Capricorn on July 9, and the Sun trines compassionate Neptune in Pisces on July 11. There is an alignment with our higher evolutionary path and our self-expression. We are part of a spiritually interconnected whole and we ought to care and nurture each other. On one level where we are also in a heightened phase of expression of the old unconsciousness around the use of power. We could really be witnessing a showdown of values between our maternal loving consciousness and the rigidity or coldness of those in authority. We need to determine how we can align our own personal lives with the responsibilities that we have to care about others.

Aggressive Mars in Leo trines Chiron in Aries and squares unpredictable Uranus in Taurus on also on July 11. Urges toward freedom and independence tend to heighten the need for thrills, excitement and support sudden breakthroughs. We may also encounter a spectrum of anger, impatience, and eruptions of energy that lead to accidents and disasters. Stubbornness and being unyielding in the pursuit of our individual agenda can create sudden confrontations.

The Sun moves into an opposition with powerful Pluto exact on July 14 and this intensifies aspects of the collective past. We are rehashing, purging, eliminating, and transforming old ways into newer values on personal and collective levels.

On July 16 we have the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse happening in hardworking Capricorn. We are working under pressure doing something to further ourselves but we need to adjust it. We may need to step away from the structures, the realities and the framework that we’ve created in order to attend to our needs. The only way we’re going to be able to address our needs is by looking at where we came from and being honest about it

We’re realizing what we want and need, and what’s getting in the way of attaining it when indulgent Venus opposes taskmaster Saturn on July 17. External factors may try to limit what we want to do. Work engagements or family requests for assistance may take precedence. There’s a lot of juggling, delaying, or possible issues with boundaries in a relationship. While focusing on our commitments, Venus will trine kindhearted Neptune on July 18. This allows us to bring Inspiration to our endeavors with more patience for ourselves and other people.

Circumstances have changed now and the old patterns are no longer relevant on an emotional dynamic level. By the time we get to around to July 21, Venus opposes Pluto and power struggles are quite possible and something important may have us overwhelmed but gratifying rewards are still possible conclusion.

Also on July 21, Mercury connects with the Sun and the information we have starts to help us understand our situation better. We’re gaining more clarity and gaining more insight into what’s going on with our living situation and what needs to be addressed in order to attain it. Sun goes into vibrant and confident Leo on July 22, this highlights more fun and appealing areas of our life to the forefront. This is great news because it recharges us, allows us to find our happiness, and encourages us to follow our bliss.

Love planet Venus conjoins communicator Mercury while it’s retrograde on July 24 and we can start to have a resolution of the past with our home and family. Energetic Mars in Leo trines abundant Jupiter in Sagittarius July 25, there could be exciting news around travel, expansion, publishing, children. Venus enters Leo on July 27 definitely brings a lot more heat and pleasurable energy. We want more attention, the admiration we deserve and getting what we want will be a lot easier.

The Sun is busy when trine Chiron in Aries on July 28 and squares off with Uranus on July 29. Accomplishments and milestones for children or creative projects are more likely now. Doing something different could create some positive internal and external change.

We end the month off with the new moon in Leo and by this time Mercury stations direct right behind it on July 31. This is the second new moon of the calendar month (This is called a Black Moon). Extra power can be used at this time for new beginnings. It is a big time to determine who we are and how we can be more of a leader in our personal lives. Mercury going direct in Cancer can bring some disorder or changes to plans. Keep flexibility and a sense of adventure to best navigate now.