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Mercury Retrograde Grounding
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We all need extra TLC while Mercury is in retrograde…


The Mercury Retrograde Grounding package helps you to stay clear-headed, calm and confident while Mercury is creating miscommunications and confusion. The Mercury Retrograde Grounding is remote energy work which will help you stay grounded daily while Mercury is in retrograde. Once you sign up, the grounding energy is instantly activated and will remain in your aura for the retrograde period.

The Mercury Retrograde Grounding is only 5.99, which will cover your daily grounding for the entire month.

What to expect:

-Feeling calmer

-Feeling more clearheaded 

-Making less bloopers during the mercury retrograde period

 -Felling more “centered” and “in your body”


The grounding will automatically integrate into your aura at 8am and 10pm your timezone daily until March 28th. 


The Mercury Retrograde Grounding is energy work. Energy work is a form of alternative healing that allows a practitioner to alter the clients energetic body and aura from a distance or by non physical contact.



Sign up at the link below: