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Healing Series
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The Healing Series is a once in a lifetime chance to reset our experiences… 

The Healing Series is an in-depth, intrinsic healing process that reverses the damage created by our personal trauma, generational trauma, unhealthy beliefs and any toxic conditioning regarding the specific theme we tackle each series.
When subscribed to the Healing Series, You receive an insightful monthly newsletter that gives a detailed description on the healing we’ll be doing for the month. This newsletter will cover the specific issues we’ll be moving through, how  healing will impact us and an exclusive exercise that you can do throughout the month to maximize the healing process for you.
Subscribers have seen a huge change in their lives and in their dynamics with friends, family and those that come across in their daily lives…

The Healing Series lasts for 5 months. Each month is 150.00 and you’ll be charged 150.00 per month until the series has completed.

 Registration opens when a new series is ready to launch.

Ultimate Abundance Series

This series be removing any patterns, energy and baggage that causes us to be out of alignment with the universal flow of nature that causes continual blockages in our abundance and peace. This healing series will be the ultimate blockage, baggage and sabotage removal

Here’s and outline of what we’ll be covering for each month:

Month 1: We’ll be removing belief systems, deep abundance blocks, balancing out any imbalanced forms of reasoning and moving you into a space where your abundance can truly be upgraded

 Month 2: We’ll removing family influence, remedying any issues with our abundance containers, and fixing any lack belief systems and thought processes.

Month 3: We’ll be enhancing your wealth energy, tackling any other external money blocks, and fixing any other snags/breaks in your money flow.

Month 4: We’ll be enhancing and expanding your money resonance, removing any stubborn ways of being/rigidness, and taking your money containers to the next level

Month 5: We’ll be remedying any imbalances, elevating your abundance, and boosting your money prowess as well.


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