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Healing Series
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The Healing Series is a once in a lifetime chance to reset our experiences… 

The Healing Series is an in-depth, intrinsic healing process that reverses the damage created by our personal trauma, generational trauma, unhealthy beliefs and any toxic conditioning regarding the specific theme we tackle each series.
When subscribed to the Healing Series, You receive an insightful monthly newsletter that gives a detailed description on the healing we’ll be doing for the month. This newsletter will cover the specific issues we’ll be moving through, how  healing will impact us and an exclusive exercise that you can do throughout the month to maximize the healing process for you.
Subscribers have seen a huge change in their lives and in their dynamics with friends, family and those that come across in their daily lives…

The Healing Series lasts for 5 months. Each month is 150.00 and you’ll be charged 150.00 per month until the series has completed.

Ultimate Glo Up Healing Series

This series be will be LIFE CHANGING for anyone who has struggled with confidence, second guessing themselves and not feeling “good enough.” THIS IS THE KEY TO FEELING COMPLETELY COMFORTABLE IN YOUR SKIN.We are NOT fucking around in 2020. We will OWN our worth. In the 5 months, we’ll be going through the Ultimate Glo Up… SELF LOVE, SELF EMPOWERMENT, SELF VALIDATION, SELF WORTH and SELF ESTEEM. We’re going to remove ANY energy and beliefs that cause you to attract ANY PERSON OR SITUATION that does not NOURISH and BUILD YOU UP.
Here’s and outline of what we’ll be covering for each month:

Month 1: We’ll be removing toxic belief systems, any external influence that’s watering down your sense of self love, and remedying any deep imbalances that make self love seem like a negative concept.

 Month 2:We’ll be removing harmful labels that make us feel small, remedying any ill ways of viewing ourselves, and upgrading our sense of self empowerment.

Month 3:We’ll be removing any toxic ways of self-validation, removing any inherited ways of ill validation, and moving you into a safe healthy space where self-validation is the norm.

Month 4:We’ll be removing any toxic beliefs from external sources i.e. family, friends, media, etc., bringing your ego into balanced space, and remedying any internal conclusions about your self worth.

Month 5:We’ll be removing any emotional weight that keeps us in place of depression and low stature, we’ll be raising your sense of self esteem to the next level and remove any other psychological debris so you can be in a more balanced space.

The ULTIMATE GLO UP Healing Series will begin on November 15th and the healing work will integrate at 10pm your time zone.

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