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Healing for Your Zodiac Sign
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Our Birth Chart holds our life path and story. It shows our greatest strengths, weaknesses and potential. Here’s a detailed description of what holds each sun sign back from there full potential and a remote healing cleanse designed specifically to help each sign overcome those hurdles.

What Holds Each Sign Back from their True Potential: 


Aries is bold, action oriented and not afraid to go after they want. When it comes to what they WANT, they really don’t give much thought to going after it. They take the leap. What holds Aries back is their lack of discipline with doing what they NEED to do along with what they WANT to do.

Aries can avoid responsibilities because it makes them feel “closed in” and invalidated. They feel like responsibility can invalidate their personal freedom and identity because they usually see one or both parents laden with responsibility and that load made that parent feel miserable.

They usually see their mother making sacrifices for the family and the father had more “freedom” in some sense because the mother took the heavy load in tending to the kids/household duties etc. Aries can associate responsibility with misery. In order to dodge this, they do irresponsible things to help them feel like they still have “control” over their life and responsibility hasn’t “taken their life away”. 

If Aries can acknowledge that tending to their responsibilities will eventually give them more freedom, they can unlock their true potential. Aries has to learn that instant gratification can be a long term set back.

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Taurus is hardworking, goal oriented and very aware of what they need to feel comfortable. So much so that once they get into a routine they can become stagnant. Taurus loves to be in control of every moving piece in their life. They need this control because it helps them manage their inner emotional turmoil.

Taurus lived in a household where they usually have a mother who is “a lot”. Overbearing and overly involved in what they were doing, when they were doing, whether they were doing it right and if they weren’t doing it right, they wouldn’t hear the end of it.

Taurus has a mother who needed control in the family at all times, which put Taurus on edge and made them feel emotionally uneasy. Now, as an adult, they have up emotional walls and they manage everything around them to make sure nobody can get behind their walls to bother them.
Because of this, Taurus can limit themselves moreso from an emotional standpoint which ultimately will cross into other areas of their life. Taurus had a mother who’s influence was so big, it made them feel small.
They don’t ever want to feel small again so they can hold themselves back from new experiences, new ways to relate to others and new career opportunities that are outside of their comfort zone.
Taurus is never supposed to question their mothers words, knowledge, beliefs or advice so it can be hard for Taurus to acknowledge the times their mom made them feel small or defeated.
If Taurus can reopen that vulnerability and heal, they can reach their true potential because they will understand that not being in control or independent of others does NOT mean they are small or incapable.

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Gemini is intelligent, perceptive and quick to catch on to how things work. They have a rapid way of understanding new concepts and systems. They’re really smart. This also makes them really talented as well.

Because they’re so smart and very talented naturally, they think that they can just start a new endeavor by basically winging it. This is because they never really built a solid work ethic because their reward/punishment is a little blurred from childhood.

Gemini usually had parents that praised them or punished them when they were younger with no clear reason. Little Gemini could’ve been putting on their shoes and one of their parents could be like “great job!!! Perfect!” And Gemini wouldn’t know what they did that was so great.

Or, Gemini being a rambunctious sign as a kid could’ve been acting crazy (but they thought they were being normal) and they get in trouble for it. But again, they don’t know what tf they did.

This usually happens both ways for Gemini and bc the parents didn’t always fully explain why they were being rewarded or punished, Gemini just started assuming “this would get me in trouble” or “this will get me praise” when they get older.

Because of this, Gemini usually self sabotages before they even begin a project (because they may feel like they’ll catch shit for their decision or it won’t pay off) or they give up quickly if they don’t see a project paying off quickly. They expect immediate praise or dismissal.
Gemini has to learn to build work ethic and patience, because their assumptions on how successful an idea will be or not is rushed and ungrounded.


Cancer is intuitive tenacious and driven. Cancers are one of the most educated signs because when they want something, they go after it full force. Cancer will always give 110%

With Cancers intense drive, when they crash it’s like a collision because their self sabotage is explosive. Cancer has to learn how to manage their emotions because their emotional outburst creates set backs and burns bridges that they need to full succeed.

Cancers grow up in a household where emotions are overly regulated. Their mothers tend to be emotionally stifling, even if they are supportive in other ways. Cancer grows up in a household where feelings are not validated or fully supported.

Cancer is told they’re being “too sensitive” and things are that “big of a deal often”. They grow up in households that lack empathy. This causes cancer to have poor emotional management when older which results in emotional instability, tantrums when upset  and codependency when they trust someone.

Cancer is essentially stuck in emotional infancy because they were never given the tools to LEARN and develop emotional regulation or healthy self soothing practices. Cancer never had healthy examples of emotionally balanced people in their environment. Emotions were over or under done. This causes resentment to build up towards their family and creates an internal pressure that gets set off by the smallest trigger.

When this happens their resentment gets misplaced onto themselves or others, creating irrational responses that disrupt present day relationships and goals. Cancer is blinded by their emotional trauma and can’t see outside of it so they’ll demonize the present day person or situation. This cycle continues until they can acknowledge and process their anger towards their family for the emotional invalidation they felt as a child.

If cancer can re-learn how to deal with emotions, it will help them manage their goals, reality and relationships more and allow them to reach their full potential.

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Leo’s are solid in their work ethic, loyal to their closest friends and lovers and very generous to those they appreciate. Leo’s have a lot to give and they also respect the same in return.

Even though Leo has a lot to give, they don’t really know WHAT to go after in order for them to feel truly fulfilled. Leo’s grew up in a household where their parents and families made shallow assessments of their personality, good and bad.

Leo could have cried ONE time over something small and now they’re labeled sensitive. They act up ONE time and they’re labeled defiant. They made ONE good drawing and now they’re meant to be an artist.

Little Leo became very aware that everything they did would be praised or criticized. This made them hyper aware of what people “think” about every little thing they do. This created more of a self consciousness which ultimately stifles their self awareness.

Because Leo has a billion shallow “labels” on them from their childhood, they have to overcome insecurities in terms of how they appear to others when they get older. Leo’s can focus more on how people react to what they do more than how said action makes them truly feel.
Their hyper awareness to scrutiny along with the labels from their childhood can cause them to try and build in a lane that’s not really “true” to them for too long. Leo’s can invest in what they think will “seem” the best for them to do over what they really want to invest their energy into until they separate themselves from the opinions that others have formed of them and how others think their life should go.
Leo’s must realize that shallow confidence in accomplishments and appearances cannot substitute true self love and acceptance.Leo’s also have to realize that their authenticity is something THEY have to define in their adulthood when they finally have the space to explore their individuality.
It’s ok to have a solid plan, but the true lesson for Leo is to make sure appearances never override internal fulfillment.

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Virgo is resourceful, contemplative and VERY good at planning by thinking things through and considering every angle to make things work.

The issue with Virgo is that they know how to take potential complications in so much, they can limit the success of something because they won’t allow certain “risks” to go into their execution.

Virgo’s believe that playing it safe is playing it “smart”. Virgos grew up in a household where the dad may have been a consistent source of family tension. He may have been overbearing, irresponsible or a “failure” somehow. This created a lack of trust in authority for Virgo.

Virgo’s mother usually had to carry the emotional or mental burden of smoothing over the rifts created by the father, so Virgo saw a “one person is always more capable than the other” dynamic when growing up.

This is why Virgo feels like they have to do everything for everybody and often when they would need someone else’s expertise to help them accomplish something, they beat themselves up and it can flare up insecurities of “not being enough”.

Virgo’s insecurities take it to the extreme of feeling like a failure. When Virgo needs someone else to help them complete a goal or project, the amount of passion they’re putting into the project may decrease and that’s where the self sabotage is activated.

They may end up with a lackluster result that they’re not pleased with and they will blame the other people who helped them for the dissatisfactory result. Virgo has to take an honest look back at their past and what they saw growing up to deconstruct the belief that they HAVE to do things on their own for it to be done the “right way”.

When Virgo can learn that trusting others to help them does not point to some flaw or deficiency within themselves, they’ll be able to feel encouraged and supported which will propel them to their full potential.

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Libra is the logical friend. They’re sensible and can be detached, logical and collected. This is why they’re often the mediator of the group. The way Libra develops this talent and part of their personality though, comes from an environment where they saw the opposite from the adults around them.

Libras grew up in families where the adults didn’t know how to talk to each other. arguments, cold shoulders, stubborn attitudes and an overall lack of healthy verbal exchanges is what Libra saw.

Because of this, if Libra wanted peace in the household they had to observe what was going on, make sense of it and try to create the peace themselves.This caused Libra to build incredibly high standards internally in an attempt to not mirror the flaws of the adults that created so much stress in their lives as children.

Because these standards were built from a place of childhood trauma, they’re unrealistic and impossible to reach or uphold. These standards create an internalized pressure that ultimately becomes a glass ceiling for Libra.

Libra can also shy away from the “ugly” parts of reality through only focusing on where they want to SEE the ugly transform into but they have such a disgust towards imperfections that they often don’t take the time to fully understand them. Thus, holding them back from progress.

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Scorpio is very perceptive and knows how to spot of risks and potential threats. They have amazing survival instincts. They can understand their weaknesses and others weaknesses very easily.

The issue that happens with this mindset though, is that they think in deficits. What they lack, what and why others lack, what they don’t have that they want. This creates two things in Scorpio…. a feeling of undeserving and greed.

When Scorpio was an infant, their parents were going through some shit. Scorpio’s are usually born into dark times. Their mother is usually grieving a death, being separated from her family or suffering from a lack of emotional support after birth.

The father is usually fully absent, away working or emotionally distant and unable to give scorpios mother the support she needs after having a baby. This causes Scorpio to get almost the bare minimum emotionally from the mother. They begin their life with this deficit.
When Scorpio gets older, their parents usually get more established, have guilt towards little Scorpio and they get more spoiled than their other siblings. They may get more passes on their behavior, more stuff or more attention.
BUT because of the trauma and deficit created in their foundation, Scorpio is already a little jaded and may be unappreciative because they still feel like they’re missing something. They also usually feel resentful and don’t know why.
This causes them to always feel like they need “more”. It’s hard for Scorpio to see their accomplishments clearly because they feel like they’re missing “more”. They also won’t allow themselves to enjoy what they do have because they feel awkward about just enjoying the moment.
For Scorpio, their full potential not only includes success, but actually feeling HAPPY. Happiness is something that Scorpio can genuinely feel after they heal and reprogram their mind to understand they are their own nurturer at this point as an adult and fulfillment is internal

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Sagittarius is a true visionary. Sagittarius dreams big and they are more than mentally equipped to fulfill their goals. They are really good at viewing the “big picture” and forming plans to get to the big picture. The problem is they can often lack full execution.

When Sagittarius was a child, the adults around them didn’t fully allow Sagittarius to ask the questions they wanted. Oftentimes, when they were just being a child, they were told that their words, actions or questions were “dumb”, “simple”, “ridiculous” etc.

This caused Sagittarius to live “in their head” more with their theories, imagination and budding intelligence. As Sagittarius grows older, they begin to pride themselves on what they know, so that they don’t feel mentally inferior when speaking with peers.

This is a defense mechanism from being shut down in childhood and a natural part of them as they love to learn, discover new territory and expand. So with their ability to learn new things to achieve their goals and expand their territory, the problem comes in with the details.

Because Sagittarius was shut down in childhood, they weren’t able to have a grounded sense of processing thoughts which caused their UNDERSTANDING of new information to be disjointed.

Sagittarius LEARNS a lot but they have a hard time with practical application bc asking questions as a child got them scolded. Sagittarius has to learn that assuming will set them back more than asking questions.

Sagittarius has a bad habit of assuming small details will work themselves out because they get flustered when they don’t understand something. Sagittarius has to address the underlying fear they have with asking questions when they aren’t in a teacher student environment

They have to understand that not knowing is not equal to “being dumb”. They have to realize that their fear of being looked down on is a projection from their wounded inner child. Once they get pass their fear looking “dumb”, they’ll open themselves up to new levels of understanding which will help them reach their potential.

Sagittarius used their ambition as a method of escape from the childhood. They often created big plans for their future to distract themselves from any chaos/unhappiness in the household when growing up.

This created an ungrounded sense of reality and how to accomplish their goals. Sagittarius has to learn how to develop a healthy sense of motivation outside of just trying to escape their current circumstances. 

To put it plainly, Sagittarius grew up around adults that didn’t know how to deal with kids. So a lot of adults were mean and not very understanding when Sagittarius was just being a kid. This made them want to run from reality to something “better”. It’s time to stop running, start healing and you will create a solid sense of security which will triple your success.


Capricorn is very humble and grounded. They know their flaws, shortcomings and very aware of the things that limit them. Sadly, they rarely can see how much greatness they already hold.

They always think they have to strive to their potential and can’t see the potential that’s already come to fruition in them.

Capricorn’s grew up in a household where their mother is usually the boss, even if the father is the bread winner. Capricorn’s have mothers who discipline through disapproval instead of a more constructive, encouraging, solution oriented approach.

Capricorn’s get adjusted to this method of discipline and begin to constantly talk “down” on themselves even if things are going well in their life. If things aren’t where Capricorn wants them to be, the negative self dialogue gets even worse.

Capricorn’s tend to self sabotage situations that would make them reflect positively on themselves eventually because they feel uncomfortable with viewing themselves in a positive light.

They’ll land a dream job and find a way to make it full of stress, get an amazing partner and start regressing emotionally or mentally and it’ll create issues in the relationship. All because their mothers voice of disapproval subconsciously weighs more than any positivity.

To put it plainly, Capricorn refuses to view themselves in any light that doesn’t invoke a feeling of shame or discouragement. They feel if they do, then they won’t become the best they can be.

Capricorn has to learn that negative reinforcement is only limiting their capabilities. How can you get the full use out of a car if you’re not aware of all the upgrades that are already there?

Capricorn’s need to remove the safety blanket of negativity and not be afraid to feel good about themselves and life. Nobody is going to steal your happiness once you allow yourself to be.. happy. You’re not in your childhood anymore, you have the freedom to breathe and live <3

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Aquarius is emotionally reserved, observant and creative. This makes for a rich inner world where their possibilities are endless. Aquarius are true visionaries.

Most people never know HOW brilliant Aquarius is though, because they never reveal their full spectrum of thoughts and ideas to anyone. Which is why they tend to only reach their full potential by 50 or 60%.

Aquarius grew up in an emotionally distant household. Even if the family operated as a “unit” on the surface, everyone had their own lives separate from each other where everyone’s internal dialogue and feelings about things weren’t fully spoken.

Because of this, Aquarius didn’t get the level of emotional engagement they needed as children. This caused little Aquarius to feel like no one really cares about what’s going on in their head & whenever they DID try to speak out they usually got in trouble for “rocking the boat”.

Aquarius’ individuality wasn’t really embraced by their household because surface living was most convenient and “easy” for their family. This created a deep seated fear of rejection. Because of this fear, when they become adults in order to be themselves, they self isolate.

Self isolation is a way for Aquarius to cope with their underlying constant feeling of rejection. When they do open up to someone, if they feel as if they’re going to get shunned or thrown away for being themselves, they show their ugliest parts as a defense mechanism to push the person out preemptively.. similar to how a skunk releases a repelling stench to avoid an attack.

Because of this defense, it’s hard for Aquarius’ relationships to evolve, grow and strengthen. When their relationships don’t last, they feel like people don’t really care.

It’s not that people don’t care, but without healthy conflict resolution which requires the ability to accept criticism without invalidating someone else’s experience, their relationships conform to the surface level expectation from their childhood.

They mimick their household by shutting down the autonomy and individuality of others with a “if I don’t agree, then your thoughts and feelings aren’t valid” approach when dealing with others.

They cling onto their own individuality so hard that they inadvertently isolate and invalidate the individuality of others… the way they were done in their childhood.

This causes Aquarius to be in a constant loop of self sabotage in intimate relationships which creates depression, a feeling of hopelessness and self fulfilling prophecies of being alone. They continually reinforce the subconscious belief of “nobody will accept me for me”.

This creates self loathing and insecurities in their career, passions and goals. The feeling of defeat in their personal lives cause them to question if their work, efforts and voice will be fully accepted or recognized in the arenas they want to work in.

Aquarius has to realize you don’t have to always fully “agree” with someone in order to accept them for who they are and vice versa. Challenges are a necessary part of growth. They have to understand that they are no longer the isolated child who isn’t appreciated or cared for.

Aquarius has to process the childhood neglect they experienced so they can truly feel happiness from the presence of others without the underlying anxiety of being rejected being a constant force in their life.

If they can release the past, they can be open up to warmth and acceptance from others, which will help them develop the emotional security they weren’t able to build when they were children. This will help them move out of an isolated space so that their passions can fully grow and breathe.

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Pisces are imaginative, creative and intuitive. They have “knowing” that comes naturally so they can process their environment very easily when grounded and present.

The thing is, Pisces can be out of body often which can cause them to misinterpret reality through projections of what they WANT to see or through delusions that come from trauma and fear.

The reason why this happens for Pisces is because they have a hard time being emotionally grounded. Their emotions are usually fast changing, accompanied with anxiety and unclear. This is because they don’t usually feel internally “safe” or comfortable.

Pisces usually has a mother that’s emotionally unstable, mentally ill or over protective. In more extreme cases their mother can be addicted to drugs or alcohol. Whichever mother they have, it’s created a similar feeling of the world being “unsafe”.

Because Pisces are creative, they naturally daydream and imagine a lot. Whenever their mothers instability or hyper vigilance surfaced, Pisces developed a habit of disconnecting from any anxiety they felt by imagining things were “ok”.

This coping mechanism developed in childhood became a normalized way of being. Now Pisces escapes in their head by daydreaming through what they see around them. They make up their own narratives that fit their current daydream for their life.

The issue is that reality is often incongruent with their daydream and Pisces cannot control people with their imagination. This can cause them to be out of alignment with what’s truly healthy for them. This causes them to be held back from truly flourishing.

Pisces has to learn to differentiate between what they really see and what they tell themselves. They have to look back at their childhood and try to process that anxiety so they can learn how to emotionally cope with reality present day. This will help them make wiser decisions.