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Sunday Aura Cleanse FAQ
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What do I do after I sign up? Where do I access the aura cleanse?

After you subscribe via the Paypal button, you’re all set. There’s nothing you have to do to access the aura clearings, I do all of the work for you.  I have an automated list of subscribers that I have access to via Paypal . This list which is updated by Paypal and shows who is signed up to receive the Remote Energy Work.

I didn’t receive an email to access the clearing, should I receive an email?

There is no email that gives you access to the energy work. Remote energy work is sent energetically by the healing practitioner (Danielle Ayoka) at a set time for the recipient. Most people forget that they’re signed up for the clearing until 5pm EST comes around and they experience a noticeable shift in their energy or mood. The energy work will integrate into your system no matter what you’re doing or where you’re at.

Why do I feel so moody the days following the clearing? 

Repressing emotion is an unhealthy habit many of us struggle with. Lower vibrational emotions (anger, sadness, guilt, shame) are often undesirable feelings. We can often avoid the task of thoroughly processing these feelings for them to be released. Since The Aura Cleanse is designed to clear out all blockages and clutter in your aura, any repressed emotion creating “stuck” energy in your auric field MUST be processed in order to be released. Feelings never magically “go away”. We either release them after feeling them, or repress them after avoiding them. Either way, we have to “feel them to heal them.”

Why do I feel so tired when the aura cleanse begins?

Moving energy is like a physical workout for your body when you’re not accustomed to moving a large amount of energy at once. The lighter your energy becomes from releasing outdated dense energies, emotional clutter and trauma, the easier it will be for your body to process the energy being released during the weekly aura cleanse. Once your body gets accustomed to processing the energy being released, you will feel energized, relaxed or relief from the aura cleanse. You may experience more tiredness than usual from your weekly cleanse if you had a rough week, lots of mental or emotional stress, anxiety attacks or arguments. Lower vibrational emotions create a “heavier” energy that are often more challenging for your body to move out and process. If you’ve had a relatively calm week, you may not notice a huge physical reaction to the aura clearing, but the clearing  is still doing routine maintenance on your energy ensuring there are no rips, tears, imbalances or holes in your aura. The clearing will also raise your vibration and strengthen your energy field so that it is continually functioning at its most optimal potential. This maintains your physical, mental and emotional health.

I don’t feel anything  when the work integrates, am I doing something wrong?

Everyone is not physically sensitive to energy, and that is ok. Most people notice subtle or very apparent changes in their mood, lessened anxiety or depression, less internal tension, heightened creativity and motivation after they start the weekly aura cleanse. Those who have a very grounded, calm disposition may notice consistent peace and internal quiet after starting the aura cleanse. Remote Energy Work is a non-invasive process which is always perfectly aligned with each individuals highest good and freewill. As long as you’re consciously open to accepting the healing, it will work for you. The Aura Cleanse is designed to do weekly maintenance on your aura. Even if you don’t have a lot of trauma or dense energy to release, the aura clearings will still repair any rips or tears in your aura. Rips and tears create leaks which can cause you to feel lethargic, unmotivated, anxious and depressed. When these things are repaired, it will help raise your vibration and make sure that your personal energy field is strong and healthy. The aura cleanse covers all  components that will assist your energy to operate at its most optimal level. This ensures your mental, physical and emotional health when used in tandem with healthy lifestyle choices. 

Why do I feel energized after the clearing? Is this normal?

Dense energy can weigh you down and make you feel sluggish. As the energy gets cleared out, you’ll feel more energized and replenished. You might even feel motivated to do more throughout the day. 

Why do I feel more aware of my emotions? Is this normal?

Clearing out old blockages, trauma, and baggage helps restore our sense of oneness within ourself. You’ll be more aware of your body as well as your emotions and be able to move more fluidly. 

I laugh a lot during the clearing, is this normal?

Laughter during energy work has been a common occurrence for many people. The clearing raises vibrations and sometimes instills feelings of euphoria or happiness. It makes it easier for joy to come through. 

Do I need a site membership to experience the clearing?

The site membership is free and completely unrelated to subscription. 

How many people can I sign-up for the family and friends aura subscription?

Up to 10 people for 6.99

What if I want to sign-up an older family member who may have a chronic illness? Is it safe for them? 

If you’re signing up someone who is elderly or has a chronic illness, make sure there aware they’re being signed-up. The clearings work on a deep level. See how they respond to the clearing. If they don’t respond well, cross there name off your hand-written subscription clearing list. 

What if I want to add more than 10 people after we already signed up?

You can purchase an additional subscription and have two list of receivers.


How do I modify my subscription?

You can log into your PayPal account and look under “my preapproved payments” to modify you subscription. If you signed up via debit card, you would need to call PayPal Customer Service or send me an email at danielleayoka@mysticlipstick.net.