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Home Purifying Cleanse
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The cleansing download that I can’t live without…

The Home Purifying Cleanse is something that I created for my clients after talking about the personal benefits I’ve experienced from purifying my home energetically on the regular basis.


The Home Purifying Cleanse is designed to:

  • Purify your home from stagnant energy (Old emotions, stress buildup etc)
  • Remove negativity that can be brought in from visitors or outside environments
  • Raise the vibration of your home and promote an atmosphere that enhances your well being
  • Removes unwanted spiritual presences from your home that could be causing stress, discord and strife
  • Help foster an environment for better sleep
  • Purify the aura of your home

The Home Purifying Cleanse is a monthly subscription…

The cleanse will operate similarly to the aura cleanse. The House Purifying Cleanse will happen every Monday at 8am your timezone.

The Cleanse is 6.99/mo for each home subscribed.

Benefits personal clients have experienced from the Home Purifying Cleanse:

  • Less tension at home
  • Improved root chakra balance
  • More stability in the home
  • Infants and small sleep through the night more
  • Clearer head space while at home
  • Easier to get motivated while at home
  • Easier to clean up clutter in the home


How to activate the Home Purifying Cleanse:

  1. Purchase the cleanse
  2. Get a loose leaf piece of paper. Any paper will do
  3. Title the Paper “Home Purifying Cleanse
  4. Write your address down
  5. Keep the paper in a safe place
  6. If you move or want to change the address the cleanse is being directed to, discard the paper and rewrite the title and address on a new sheet of paper.


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