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Daily Grounding Subscription
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Being grounded is an essential part of our health, happiness and inner stability. 


We live in a world that is full of stimulation, stressors and constant movement. In order to stay healthily grounded, we need the time and space to process our environment, events, our feelings and decompress from all of these things. When living in the “real world” of our society, we rarely have time to do this every day for every situation and emotion we experience throughout our day. The grounding download has been designed to help you stay grounded in a society that continuously “ungrounds” us.

In order to stay grounded naturally, we have to take time to heal our trauma, take accountability for our present day actions and become aware of our emotions and true reactions to things. This can take years of healing to accomplish, but the grounding work in combination with the aura cleanse and monthly healings make this process smoother and more efficient.


The daily grounding work is designed to help strengthen your root chakra and enhance your sense of security, stability, sense of self and identity over time. You’ll be able to “deal” with reality more easily, which will help you process your emotions, situations & stress with little to no trouble.
The grounding work is also designed to keep you connected to your physical body, so you’ll be in more tune with your health, changes to your health and how what you eat drink and consume effects you. You’ll be more aware of how your environment effects your body and what creates stress or relief.


The daily grounding subscription will be 4.99/mo and automatically recurring. It’ll energetically integrate  every morning at 7am your time zone which will help you get your day off to a good start.

Click Photo Below to subscribe to the Individual Grounding:


The Family Plan will ground up to 5 people and will be 7.99/mo. It will energetically integrate at 7am daily.

Click Photo Below to subscribe to the Family Grounding:

How to activate family grounding subscription:

Write your name down and up to four others on a piece of paper titled “Daily Grounding Work” and put paper in a safe place where it will not be tampered with. You can rewrite your list at anytime to update the recipients names. Dispose of the old list to make sure everyone receives the grounding when you write a new list.