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Alcohol Balancing System
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This is system I created for me and my friends who are spiritually conscious but still love to have a good time.

The Alcohol Balancing System allows you to drink (responsibly) while reducing the adverse energetic effects alcohol has on our aura and energetic body. Alcohol can lower your vibration and create extra density in your aura which can cause you to become ungrounded and out of balance.

This System is designed to adjust the vibration of alcohol so that it doesn’t add extra density and energetic “weight” to your aura. It will allow your energetic recovery from drinking to go more smoothly and allow you to maintain a healthy aura.


The Alcohol Balancing System is a one time charge of 11.99

What it will do:

  • Keep your energy more stable, healthy and grounded while drinking
  • Make alcohol consumption safer for you energetically
  • Prevent you from feeling “weighted” and out of sorts from drinking a reasonable amount
  • Allow you to feel more clearheaded when drinking a reasonable amount

What it won’t do:

  • Prevent alcoholism
  • It will NOT make drinking safe for pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers 
  • Cure alcoholism
  • Prevent hangovers from excessive drinking
  • Prevent you from becoming inebriated


This will NOT make drinking and driving safe


How to use the alcohol balancing system:

  1. Purchase the system
  2. The system will be activated for you for a span of 1 year. You can use as many times as needed, there is no limit for use within the year. You cannot use this for other people’s drinks. It is designed to adjust alcohol to your energetic makeup specifically
  3. When you want to use the system, have your drink in your hand
  4. When you have your drink in your hand, look at your drink and through thought and intention direct the energy to you drink by saying (in your head) “I activate alcohol balancing system”
  5. Do this for every drink specifically.
  6. This will not work if you already drank your drink.
  7. Please use responsibly.


*These statements are not approved or regulated by the FDA

*Must be 21 or older to buy 


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