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Healing Series
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The Healing Series is 150.00 for each month, which is the same price of a remote healing session with me. You will receive the same amount of in-depth healing as you would through a one-on-one healing, but the benefit of this work is that it is a systematic approach which completely reformats, reprograms your entire energetic system from the ground up. When the series is completed, your energetic makeup will be in full alignment with your highest good, which will inevitably remove inner turmoil, doubt and discord.  I created The Healing Series to be able to provide intensive healing for those who want to heal deep traumas and remove blockages in the areas of concern.



This Healing Series will be centered around Healing Sexual Trauma, Baggage and Imbalances



The target areas for this 5 month healing series will consist of:

Month 1 (TW) Sexual trauma in yourself (if applicable)  and lineage sexual trauma,  sexual confusion, sexual addictions or addictive attitudes and inherited toxicity and imbalance

Month 2 (TW) Toxic emotional patterns that have been hardwired into your energy, sexual rape (if applicable) and any byproducts and effects of rape, sexual insecurities and fixing any toxic and unhealthy  emotional perceptions regarding sex.

Month 3Fear regarding sexual matters, generational fear that has been passed down, any survival modes that have been damaged or tainted regarding sexuality. 

Month 4Sexual imbalances, sexual karma, fixing damage done to the sexual body and any corresponding damage done to the mental and emotional bodies.

Month 5– Complete restoration of sexual autonomy, freedom and creating a healthy mindset regarding sex and sexuality. 

The Healing Series is a 5 month programThe Healing work integrates on the 7th of each month and will process for the entire month. You will receive an exclusive newsletter each month on the 8th of each month with tips, advice and insight on how to process the emotions and energy being healed for each particular month!
 You will receive an email a week before your payment processes.