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   The Super Flower New Moon is a time to truly harness the power that the full moon cycle has to offer us. With the sun stable Taurus in the moon in intense Scorpio, this is the season to manifestation lasting prosperity, opportunities and wishes fulfilled. THE RITUAL WILL BE MOST EFFECTIVE ON THE 18TH. You have until May 21st to complete this ritual if you cannot do it on the 18th.    Abundance and Manifestation Boost This ritual will heighten your manifestation abilities and allow you to draw in financial and

The Super Snow Moon in Virgo is here to remind us that we are in total control of our quality of life. The full moon is super charged this month, so we will be "recharging" our energy and vitality with candle magic. The Super Snow Moon is giving us the opportunity to shift into healthier mindsets, states of awareness and move us into higher vibrations. You have until February 22nd to complete this ritual.  Health and Vitality Recharge This ritual will help to recharge your physical and energetic vitality

The Chinese New Year promises good fortune, abundance and luck for 2019.    On February 5th 2019, we'll be entering the year of the Pig, which will bring us optimism, good fortune, new relationships and a lot of optimism and creativity. To prepare for the Chinese New Year, those celebrating do a thorough cleaning of their home to remove any lingering negative energy and bad luck that may be present. Decluttering and cleaning your space will also make room for the New Year's blessings and good luck. To amp