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Boost Your Power Candle Magic Ritual

The Veil is the thinnest between the worlds during Halloween and All Saints Day…


Tonight and tomorrow we can use potent time of the year to increase our internal power and strengthen our ability to direct and manifest our intentions.


You have until November 1st to complete this ritual. 



Power Boost

This ritual will help us increase our ability to manifest our intentions and do more powerful ritual work.

What You’ll Need:

A red candle 
A white candle (For added power and purification. This candle is optional)
A clear alter space to work on 


You can use tapered, pillar, small votive or 7 day candles for this ritual.


Prepare a quiet space which will be untampered with. Get a completely brand new, unused red and white (optional) candle. Make sure your mind is clear and you’re ready to create intentions for your candles. Hold your red candle in your hand and repeat these words “power and strength come to me, I increase my power so mote it be!” repeat this 3 times. Once you’re done with your visualization,  grab your white candle. Repeat these words to set the intention to keep your read candle pure and protected  “shield this ritual I ask of thee, keep this energy pure so mote it be!” Repeat this 3 times.  Once you have completed your chants, light your candles. While lighting your candles, say the words, “Higher self, I ask for all of these things to be so in a way that is in prefect alignment with my highest good. So it is”

Allow the candles to completely burn.


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