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Breaking Free Full Moon Candle Ritual

The Pisces Full Moon is giving us the opportunity to break free of any victimization, addiction and bad habits.

This Pisces Full Moon is the Harvest Moon (last full moon of the summer) which brings about an extra intense energy of finality. Now is the time to use the Full Moon’s energy to help release any internal battles with bad habits, addictions and negative loops that you have been stuck in. There is an illuminating energy to this moon which is allowing things to come to the light that is no longer serving us.

You have until September 16th to complete this ritual. 


Breaking Free

This ritual will help us release bad habits through the power of healing the things inside of us that is keeping us bound to the patterns of negativity.

What You’ll Need:

A blue candle 
A white candle (For added power and purification. This candle is optional)
Lavender essential oil
A clear alter space to work on 


You can use tapered candles or small votive candles for this ritual.


Prepare a quiet space which will be untampered with. Get a completely brand new, unused blue and white (optional) candle. Get your essential oil and consecrate it for spell work (this oil can ONLY be used for spell work once you consecrate it). Make sure your mind is clear and you’re ready to create intentions for your candles. Hold your blue candle in your hand and visualize your exact intentions for the addiction or bad habit you want to release. Rub the candle going UPWARDS (this is very important. Do NOT rub down as it sets a different intention). While rubbing upwards repeat these words “bad habit go away from me, I banish you so mote it be!” repeat this 3 times while rubbing the candle upwards with your essential oil. Once you’re done with your visualization, place the blue candle to the side and grab your white candle. Rub the white candle upward with lavender essential oil. Repeat these words to set the intention to flush out any remnants or traces of any negative energy associated with the addiction/bad habit “Purify and cleanse my space, chase all negative energy far away!” Repeat this 3 times.  Once you have completed your chants, light your candles. While lighting your candles, say the words, “Higher self, I ask for all of these things to be so in a way that is in prefect alignment with my highest good. So it is”

Allow the candles to completely burn.

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