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Spring Equinox Manifestation Candle Magic

The Spring Equinox is a time for renewal, new beginnings and breathing new life into things we want to see manifest in our lives.

The Spring Equinox is the time of year where we officially begin our astrological New Year as the sun moves into Aries. We will have a renewed state of mind and motivation to take charge of our lives and out our dreams into action.

You have until March 21st to complete this ritual.


Fresh Start Candle Magic


This ritual will help you super charge your intentions into making strides regarding any goals you want to accomplish this year. It’ll also help to infuse abundant energy into your goals to make them easier to accomplish and manifest.


What You’ll Need:

A green candle 
A white candle 
A clear alter space to work on 



You can use tapered candles or small votive candles for this ritual.


Prepare a quiet space which will be untampered with. Get a completely brand new, unused white and green candle. Get your unused essential oil and consecrate it for spell work (optional- you can get cedar/juniper oil for this ritual). Make sure your mind is clear and you’re ready to create intentions for your candles. Hold your green candle in your hand and visualize your exact intentions you want to see grow and manifest in your life. You can also think about one particular goal or task in your personal life that you want to see really grow (that does not involve another person i.e not a relationship). Rub the candle going UPWARDS (this is very important. Do NOT rub down as it sets a different intention). While rubbing upwards repeat these words “north, south, east, west manifest these things is my request!” repeat this with every visualization of what you want the candle to work on. Once you’re done with your visualization, place the green candle to the side and grab your white candle. Blow onto the white candle holding the intention that it will completely shield and protect the goals and projects you’re focusing on for this ritual. Once you have completed your visualization, light your candles. While lighting your candles, say the words, “Higher self, I ask for all of these things to be so in a way that is in prefect alignment with my highest good. So it is”

Allow the candles to completely burn.




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