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Super Snow Moon Magic


The Super Snow Moon in Virgo is here to remind us that we are in total control of our quality of life.

The full moon is super charged this month, so we will be “recharging” our energy and vitality with candle magic. The Super Snow Moon is giving us the opportunity to shift into healthier mindsets, states of awareness and move us into higher vibrations.

You have until February 22nd to complete this ritual. 

Health and Vitality Recharge

This ritual will help to recharge your physical and energetic vitality to give you more energy, motivation and to restore your strength. This ritual is also designed to help strengthen your physical and energetic health.


What You’ll Need:

A green candle 
A red candle 
A clear alter space to work on 


You can use tapered candles or small votive candles for this ritual.


Prepare a quiet space which will be untampered with. Get a completely brand new, unused red and green candle. Get your unused essential oil and consecrate it for spell work (optional- make sure the magical properties of the oil align with the intentions of the candles). Make sure your mind is clear and you’re ready to create intentions for your candles. Hold your green candle in your hand and visualize your exact intentions you want for your health. Rub the candle going UPWARDS (this is very important. Do NOT rub down as it sets a different intention). While rubbing upwards repeat these words “Perfect health is what I want to see, perfect health come to me!” repeat this with every visualization of what you want to see for your health. Once you’re done with your visualization, place the green candle to the side and grab your red candle. Blow onto the red candle holding the intention that it will completely revitalize your energy and physical body. Once you have completed your visualization, light your candles. While lighting your candles, say the words, “Higher self, I ask for all of these things to be so in a way that is in prefect alignment with my highest good. So it is”

Allow the candles to completely burn.

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