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Aquarius New Moon


Aquarius New Moon is coming to shift our perceptions about the world, our role in society and in ourselves.


The Aquarius New moon will be happening on February 4th 2019. We will be called to action to manifest what we believe in and assess whether our friends resonate with our path to our destiny.

With Saturn being the traditional ruler of Aquarius, our social structures will be under review and you’ll be able to see how you can strengthen your position in society in order to invoke the change you want to see in your environment. Take this New Moon period to review any ways you’re holding yourself back from standing up for what you believe in. With Uranus being the modern ruler of Aquarius, we can expect a sudden shift or change in perspective when it comes to your belief in yourself and how much you impact your world around you.

Take time to process realizations that may come up for you during this period, especially in regards to how much you effect the people around you and how you can expand your positive influence. Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone, Jupiter is sextile the New Moon which gives us extra luck and good fortune when working with the New Moon’s energy. Once you find your voice, others will be able to hear you loud and clear. Don’t be afraid of change within yourself. Trust the process and allow yourself to bloom.

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