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Chinese New Year


The Chinese New Year promises good fortune, abundance and luck for 2019. 


On February 5th 2019, we’ll be entering the year of the Pig, which will bring us optimism, good fortune, new relationships and a lot of optimism and creativity. To prepare for the Chinese New Year, those celebrating do a thorough cleaning of their home to remove any lingering negative energy and bad luck that may be present. Decluttering and cleaning your space will also make room for the New Year’s blessings and good luck. To amp up your cleaning, you can mix lavender essential oil with distilled water in a bottle and spray around your house to remove any stubborn stagnant energy.


Ritual for the New Year- Candle Magic

To prepare for the Chinese New Year, I have put together a simple ritual using candle magic. This ritual will help you usher in good fortune for your 2019. This must be done on the Chinese New Year (February 5th).

What you’ll need:

A red candle

Sandalwood essential oil 

A clear altar space to do work in 




Prepare a quiet space which will be untampered with. Get a completely brand new, unused red candle. Get your unused essential oil and consecrate it for spell work. To do this, hold the bottle of oil in both hands and say “I dedicate this oil to be used in my spell work, in a way that is in perfect alignment with the highest vibration of my highest good.” After you do this, make sure your mind is clear and you’re ready to create intentions for your candle. Put 5 drops of oil in your right hand for your candle. Once you do this, visualize what areas you wish to create success and abundance in. Rub the oil into the candle going UPWARDS (this is very important. Do NOT rub down as it sets a different intention). While rubbing upwards repeat these words “The Chinese New Year fortune is what I want to see, Chinese New Year fortune, come to me!” repeat this with every visualization of what you want to see fortune and abundance in for this year. Once you have completed your visualization, light your candle. While lighting your candle say these words, “Higher self, I ask for all of these things to be so in a way that is in prefect alignment with my highest good. So it is”

Allow the candle to completely burn.

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