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Gemini Full Moon Ritual


Gemini Full Moon period is a time where we can release mental clutter, confusion and blocks in our critical thinking. This Full Moon also gives us the power to release ways we stifle our voice, difficulties with communicating with others and composing our thoughts in a clear concise way along with putting our feelings into thoughts.

With the Gemini Full Moon Ritual, we have the chance to clear  any blockages, fears, patterns & energy blocking us from having an open, clear channel of communication with ourselves and others. We have the opportunity to clear all mental clutter and bring the New Year in with a clear mind. 


Full Moon Ritual and Intentions for Gemini Full Moon

  • I release all blockages,fears,patterns &words I’ve internalized from my childhood that are creating doubt fear&insecurity w/speaking my mind
  • I release all conditioning,programming,trauma,beliefs &behaviors that cause me to feel unheard,misunderstood &unsupported when I communicate

  • I release all thoughts, beliefs, patterns, behaviors and trauma that cause me to suppress my words and thoughts

  • I release all fears, doubts, trauma and conditioning that causes me to overcensor my sentiments

  • I release all blockages, patterns, conditoning and trauma stifling my ability to communicate via writing
  • I release all blockages, patternss, condtioning and beliefs created doubts in my abiity to write
  • I release all programs, patterns, and conditioning from my upbringing that causes me to feel unsafe and unsettled (WARNING THIS IS HEAVY)
  • I release all trauma, programs, condtitioning, behaviors and beliefs that create internal and external instability
  • I release all trauma, entities, energies, patterns, beliefs and behaviors that creates a feeling of restlessness and uneasiness
  • I safely release all entities, energies, implants, trauma, programs, thought forms& conditioning creating mental clutter consciously & unconsciously
  • I release all entities, energies, soul contracts and energetic agreements preventing me from having mental clarity and peace of mind

    Once you finish your intention list write this clause at the end of your list. This clause ensures that your ritual and intentions process fully and in alignment with you highest good. This also streamlines the energy so that during eclipses, your ritual is still safe and beneficial for you to do. 

    “I release all entities, programs, implants, thought forms, frequencies, vibrations and patterns that are enabling the energy I’m intending to release and anchoring any dense energy in my field, to leave my energy. I ask for this to be done through all space time and dimension, on every layer and aspect of my existence and all energy that my being is comprised of. You have no place here. I declare all these things to be so and in perfect alignment with my greatest and highest good.”

    Then burn your list. When you burn your list, visualize all the energy you addressed leaving your energy and it going up to nothingness. This sends the energy up to a higher vibrational plane where the energy is neutralized. When you visualize this, the energy will be transmuted and it will not be able to return.

    After you burn your list, call all fragments of your energy that was stolen by any situation,  people and entities addressed in the letter back to yourself. Ask your higher self to purify the energy you’re calling back to yourself and have it to return to its rightful place in your being. To communicate with your higher self, you can direct your thought towards your higher self or say those things out loud to your higher self. ex: “higher self, purify all fragments..etc”

    After you do this, your ritual is complete.


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